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Trim (crop) alpha for sprites in atlases (DEF-2858) (11)
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White theme (3)
Android onRequestPermissionsResult (3)
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More flexible labels and generating fonts at runtime (4)
Search functionality in Input Bindings (2)
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"Visible" and "Z" control via Tilemap API (3)
Any way to get the list of children of a game object? (6)
Add support to javscript (5)
Access go's properties from another collection (1)
Collapse/Expand functions in script files (5)
Make default values in Project Settings accessible to sys.get_config (DEF-3579)(SOLVED) (3)
Http.request with progress (2)
Build size. Auto Stripping or manual configuration ( 2 3 ) (55)
Sprite scale/size should be editable (DEF-1186) (15)
Support --bind flag for emcc to allow usage of embind (5)
Windows declouped (1)
Support the font texture compression in texture profiles (DEF-1915) (3)
1:1 scaling in game window on community page (2)