Defold 1.2.139 has been released [Release notes] (4)

Defold 1.2.139 This release adds a new function to bind render targets in the render script. It will be replacing the old render.enable/disable_render_target which are now deprecated. The new function has a transient opt…

Defold Editor and Mac OS Mojave [Announcements] (6)

We’ve seen a number of reports of the Defold editor crashing on Mac OS Mojave. From what we can tell this is a Mojave issue that seems to be outside of our control. We are currently investigating the problem to see if th…

Native Extensions + Win32 + Clang [Announcements] (8)

Why Since the release of 1.2.133 we now support building the extensions for Windows with Clang. It has some very good benefits: We get a more unified pipeline We can build all our platforms with the same compiler F…

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