Nintendo Switch Support (SOLVED)


I was wondering if you guys are planning to add Nintendo switch support. I am planning to release a game to it.


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Nintendo Switch Support? (SOLVED)

Show the game to the Defold team as it nears release. Their policy is to consider making console targets when there is actually a worthwhile game to publish on it.

Keep in mind supporting Switch costs money. You have to spend several k minimum to buy development consoles which you need to have to release Switch games.

If you do have a finished game it would be best to release on say Steam first which costs only $100 and that cost can be recouped once you sell enough on Steam. Then you can have a decent idea if releasing on Switch is even worth it.

I agree that Switch support would be great. I’ll have Defold based games finished in the future which I’ll want to publish on it too.



You’re welcome to get in touch with us early on as well. If you’re serious about your game dev project and can show us that you either have a good track record or in other ways have a high likelihood of releasing your game then we’re very open to porting to new platforms. What we want to avoid is to spend valuable development time porting the engine to a new platform based on user requests on the forum only to find that no one requesting the new platform actually released a game on it.

This is a very good recommendation!



We have had multiple Switch requests, but have never got anybody serious about releasing on Switch. Additionally I’d highlight, that as you’re close to be approved to Nintendo’s Developer Program and when you know the date your Switch Devkit is coming (normally it takes something like 3-6 months), please talk to us.



Thanks for the info. This is my first game and I was just wondering if you guys were planing to add support for Nintendo Switch.



Any updates from Defold team?

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No, there are no news. Are you developing a game for the Switch?

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I am glad to see you guys are willing to develop a port for Nintendo Switch but only if there is a project that justifies such amount of work that goes into develop from the SDK to the Switch. Probably most people wont do this since it requires time to get the SKDs from Nintendo, the budget to create a decent game that for Nintendo to approve it! Glad I can think of making a smaller game to be sell first on the Steam and later if the game pick up, contact you guys to port it into Switch, Cheers!



We’ve had several people ask us if we could release our game FSH on Switch.