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If you have any questions about Defold, you've come to the right place. Also know that we aim to provide comprehensive on-line documentation and help, so please check out:


If you've found a bug in the Defold engine please report it here. If you've found a bug in the Defold editor please report it on GitHub.

Feature requests

If you have ideas for new or improved Defold features, this is where to post them. We can't respond to all your requests and don't promise to implement all your ideas but we are keeping a close look at this category. We constantly look to improve Defold so keep the suggestions coming!

Release notes

Here we will post product release notes on a bi-weekly basis


Have you created something that you want to showcase? Please post images, videos and other material from your work here.

Dev diaries

Show the Defold community what you're working on and how your game is progressing.


Defold roadmap is here. Look for the latest updates and announcements.

The Defoldmine

Here you can put up tips, code snippets, assets and other things you want to share with the Defold community.


If you are looking for alpha/beta-testers or other people to work on a game with, this is the right place.

Work for hire

“Can I post a thread where I advertise my work?”
– Of course! We will always encourage everything which benefits the community, and offering your services to the community—for remuneration or not—is a good example of that.