Defold Q2 roadmap


The old roadmap forum post was revived yesterday and I promised to collect some information and share with you. We have three overall focus areas:

  1. The new editor (Editor 2)
  2. The Defold web
  3. The Defold engine

Editor 2

The editor team is working hard to fix bugs and implement missing features in Editor 2. The ambition is to replace the old editor as soon as possible, but there’s still a way to go before this happens. I use the new editor more or less daily and despite a few kinks here and there it’s stable and functions well. We do not have an ETA for when we will replace the old editor.

Defold web

The web team is working on the new community pages, known on the forum and internally as Sticky Iron. The work is progressing nicely and we’ve done a few external tests already. A first version should be released well before end of Q2.

Defold engine

The engine team is working in two week sprints/iterations and there are many stakeholders with a claim to their backlog. You guys, the external users, are one group and game teams at King is another. We also have company and partner requirements as an influence. The fourth and final stakeholder is the team itself. With so many things influencing the backlog it’s really hard to make predictions far into the future and it makes us very reluctant to share a detailed list of the things that are currently on the horizon. A couple of things that are fairly certain to happen in Q2 are:

  • Full platform support for native extensions. This should be done mid-May
  • Particle effects in gui. Designed by Johan in this sprint. Implementation to follow.
  • Facebook Gameroom support

We also have a list of high priority bugfixes that are likely to get fixed in the coming releases:

  • DEF-1636 - Euler rotation broken
  • DEF-1186 - Sprite scale/size should be editable
  • DEF-521 - Gameobject scales do not apply to physics objects

And we’ve picked up that these are often requested new features here on the forum:

  • DEF-2082 - Resize window from script in runtime
  • DEF-2058 - Retina/HiDPI graphics content workflow and pipeline (multi resolution assets)
  • DEF-1150 - Sound: possible to set pitch when playing sounds
  • DEF-1766 - Redefine input bindings at runtime (PC game critical. Workaround is horrible.)

There are bound to be more/other things shipped in the coming Defold releases. If you feel that a critical bug is being neglected or there’s a missing feature then please make your voice heard in the Bugs or Feature Request sections here on the forum.

Big list of small annoyances

Really cool! :joy_cat:


Awesome! “Full platform support for native extensions” :heart_eyes:


Moar extensions!


Will this be fixed in the next release? I was expecting this would fixed in 1.2.101.


Wow, this sounds pretty perfect, thanks!


Sorry about the vague phrashing, what I was referring to (and what was fixed in 1.2.101) was that the web profiler now also shows the Lua.Ref/Lua.Mem. The leak itself was not fixed in this release.


Native extensions for windows/linux would be awesome! :astonished: I really need them!!! :scream:


Yay! Sound improvements!


I really love this roadmap. Everything’s mentioned what’s bugging me currently! :smiley:


I was thinking about the forum feature requests and testing related stuff this weekend. I know I was one of the people who requested “DEF-1766 - Redefine input bindings at runtime”, but at the moment I am working around this pretty easily (at least for keys, I haven’t messed with gamepads yet). I generated an input map for every key and made a script that is essentially a second input map to filter out bound keys and pass them on to objects that request them. Maybe this is super inefficient and I shouldn’t do it . . . but so far it seems like an okay workaround.

Here is the input map if anyone wants to do this themselves:


Thanks for all of your awesome work on defold – really loving it.

One thing I was hoping to see, not sure if it is already on the roadmap or not, is the ability to control game speed in headless mode.


This issue is also requested by @andreas.strangequest. I don’t have the latest info on the priority of this issue. @Sara knows more.


I want to remind you of an important bug DEF-1733.
Applications tend to lost sound after some time in background (on iOS).
Not all users are know how to restart app (to get sound back), so they likely abandon app after all. Please fix this.


Also, it would be great to fix DEF-1117 (discussed here), because inability to rotate a collider causes a lot of trouble.


Thank you all for suggesting more issues that you feel should be prioritised! We really appreciate all the feedback we get from you, but I do hope you all understand that there is a limit to the amount of things we have time to fix each release. I can’t promise anything but we’ll certainly consider the additional issues suggested here. Thanks!


Working bundling features seem to have appeared in my Editor 2 when I wasn’t paying attention . . .


q2 almost end, just interesting how is it going?


Any news about gameroom?
We want to release our game there…


Yep, gameroom would be great!

Also what about messenger and telegram games? Anyone tried it?