Is it the physic body rotation issue? (DEF-1117)


I added 2 shapes for a game object (1 box and 1 sphere). The sphere shape is above the box one.
When rotating the game object using y axis (y = 180) , the sphere appears to be below the box.



Not sure if it is a rotation physic issue Or Am I missing the way to rotate the game object correctly ?
BTW, when adding more than 2 shapes to a collision object, does it act like a physic join ?



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This is a known bug, thanks for reporting: DEF-1117 :thumbsup:

Defold does not support physic joints at the moment.

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@sven : It is no issue for the current game but a promised date (no need to know exactly) to put a game which is required more strictly on collision would be great.


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Hi, Sven, May I ask when the DEF_1117 will fix? or any way to avoid the problem? Because my project is stuck on this bug. Please help me out :confused:

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All I know at the moment is that it’s in the backlog but has not been prioritised, so no eta at the moment. :frowning: Could you describe what you are trying to accomplish and maybe we could try to figure out some alternative?



thank you, I just made a individual GO as collider. for now there’s no problem.

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I was told here Animated hurt and hitboxes that I could mention that I would benefit greatly from having this issue solved.



Wow! Just hit this…