Defold Q2 roadmap


Yes. Soon.

Now that we have HTML5 extension support and the new html5.* namespace I believe we’re one step closer to proper messenger games. But I’m concerned that application size might be a problem. The Defold engine is quite lean compared to many others, but it still contains a bunch of stuff that you probably don’t need in a messenger game. We’re experimenting with a more modular engine where some parts can be treated as extensions and become excluded if they aren’t needed (for instance physics engines).



Another potential for a smaller build size is building interactive apps that aren’t exactly games but borrow from similar paradigms.

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Has there been any progress on this?

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N[quote=“gianmichele, post:23, topic:7167”]
Has there been any progress on this?

No, I’m afraid not. We should probably create a new roadmap post covering Q4. I’ll see if I can put something together with the help of @Oleg_The_Evangelist and @Sara



Indeed, we haven’t shared a vision for the next 3-6 months really. I’ve put it to my backlog. Will be back soon!



I’ve quick-resurrected the gossips post, since a bigger bolder Q4 roadmap post would take too much time. Mostly because Q4 for Defold is heavily influenced by unannounced things at King.

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Hey everyone, out of curiosity what is planned for 3D?
In all the roadmap talks you mentioned numerous times better 3d tools, but I was wondering what it meant.

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So far our focus has been mainly on 3D performance, stability and rendering capabilities and not on tools. It’s still kinda clunky and hard to set up and work with a purely 3D game in terms of camera control, scene editing, animations and many other things. I’m not really sure what kind of priority all of this will be given throughout 2018. @sven, @andreas.tadic and @Mathias_Westerdahl, would you care to elaborate on the plans for 3D during 2018?



The main thing I’m hoping for is better 3d collision such as based on a model’s geometry so we can have a low poly version of a level to use for collisions for example. Right now making the play area for a 3d game is very limited - only option is to stitch a bunch of boxes together or having the world be flat.

Also need a built in navigation mesh feature.

Improved 3d scene editing would be great. Because it’s so tedious I have thought about making one in engine and I bet others have too.

Ability to directly create and modify model geometry in engine would be handy.



I would love to see future support for console games specially with Nintendo Switch - UWP for Xbox and PlayStation. I wonder if anyone has thought about this? Cheers!



When it comes to new platforms such as the Switch, PS4 or XBox we answered this in quite some detail in this post: Nintendo Switch Support



how about a expanded roadmap page for 2018? One where you share the plan for the next 4-6 months and maybe with a section where you highlight things that you’re interested in but not on the roadmap/plan yet?



A visible and up to date roadmap is in the works right now. It will take a few weeks before we can share it, but I hope that we can keep it active and alive from that point on.



OpenGL ES is now deprecated in IOS, Any plans to support Metal?