What is the best resolution for mobile devices?


I’m feeling a bit lost right now… I’ve read a lot of topics on the forum regarding different resolutions on mobile devices (topics like this, this, this, this, the manual and much more), but I don’t quite understand what I should do.

My current game is playable in portrait mode only and only exists of GUI components. What is overall the best resolution to set in game.project? Should I just continue with the default size of 640x1136? What was the reason for making this the default resolution? I assume I would need to set the size of my artboard (Sketch) to the same size as my game.project and create assets based on that size? And what is the “best” way to keep everything in the same position on different devices?



I use 16x9(1920x1080) as main resolution. Becase a lot of device use 16x9. Also 16x9 is middle resolution. It bigger then 4x3 but smaller then 2x1(iphone). Also i like that resolution))

But i always test 4x3 and 2x1, because something can be broken))



I usually try to find the “thinnest” ratio on market to start with. That way I know I only have to deal with thicker and can lock the height, only caring about the width becoming wider (or other way around).
Now that mindset always breaks apart when stupid companies like Sony want to release weird phones with even weirder screen ratios (the new Xperia)

Resolution is more a matter of taste, texture memory and fidelity. 640x1136 works pretty fine on most devices.



The engine is 3D so resolution doesn’t actually matter as much. If you were rendering in a 2D engine directly to a buffer/canvas it requires more considerations. But with a 3D engine you get a lot of magical stuff for free…

I think the main thing you need to worry about is that your game UI is large enough to work well on phones if you are targeting mobile first.

Then generally you want to keep everything inside of the “frame” of your game. This frame size could even be 4:3 and it would work. You can then float some elements to the corners of your game window if you want quite easily.

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Think this depends from a graphics quality what you need.
I set 720*1280 as main resolution. Also all graphics preparing for this size as compromise between atlas size and sharpness on real device.