Good design resolution for iOS (SOLVED)



I want to know what is a good design resolution for supporting all iOS resolutions?. Previously when using Cocos2d and Spritekit I have used 2 different asset sizes, one for iPad Retina, 6+, iPad Pro, and then assets half this size for 4s,5,6.

In Defold it looks as though you can only set a base resolution and have one set of assets, As the min iOS version is 5.11 this will also allow old none retina iPad and iPhone support. So how can the engine support resolutions from 320 x 480 all the way up to iPad Pro with one set of textures?



What is the best resolution for mobile devices?

I use 640x1136 along with

Ideally Defold would do the full/half assets automatically but it doesn’t right now.

Any selective collection loading, based on resolution, is something you have to set up yourself.

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Ok awesome! many thanks