What is a proper way to handle textures on universal app for high and low res devices


Is this possible to make the one scene with the same atlas which will perfectly looks on face book app (800x600 app size) and iPad pro (2732x2048 screen size).

Do i need to use just one high res texture and the engine will downscale it or maybe there is a better way like 2 different atlases for high and low res?

What i think, correct me if i wrong, that downscale is not good because low res devices has less video memory and 2732x2048 textures could take all memory.


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There is currently no atlas/texture selection mechanism based on retina/low res. The easiest path now is to use a large texture and scale it down. Make sure you tick the “high_dpi” setting in the game project and the engine will create a hi-res buffer where the graphics are drawn on devices that support it.

If you want to create different versions depending on screen size you will currently need to set that up with some off-line build pipeline. We have a ticket in our backlog to start working on a design and eventually implementation of a high_dpi pipeline solution, but that’s in the future somewhere.


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@sicher Thanks for quick reply. Regarding high_dpi is this buffer will be created just on hi-res devices or on any device which will run the app? Sorry. i just not really understand how buffer works.



Only on hi-dpi devices. If you have a size set in your settings of, say 1024x768 then the actual screen will be 2048x1536. All positions of game objects etc won’t be altered and if you draw a normal sprite every pixel will be 2x2 pixels, but if you draw something scaled down it will use all the pixels properly.



Any news about this ticket?

I don’t know is it right, but I made whole game in real hdpi resolution 2048x1536.
I’m turn off mipmaps and set up FILTER_MODE_LINEAR for all materials.
It’s works good on mobile devices with auto full screen, but on html5 and on desktop resolution is huge.



Hey, seems that we are roughly on the same boat, have you figured out how to get better quality on web?

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