Make sure your iOS games are iPhone X compatible!


Defold released iOS 11 support in version 1.2.124 (release notes). According to a recent Apple Developer News post:

“Starting July 2018, all iOS app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK and must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X.”

What this means specifically to you guys developing games for iOS is that you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure to provide all launch images in game.project. Specifically 1125x2436 and 2436x1125 for the iPhone X.
  2. Make sure to respect the safe areas of iPhone X, meaning that you shouldn’t have any UI elements at the top area with the notch or the opposite side of the screen.

Detailed information can be found here:



Would be great to know what’s the recommended approach for multi-resolution.

What base resolution do you use? At what resolution you create all the assets?


Well, to start with you have the High Dpi setting under Display in game.project:

“Creates a high dpi back buffer on displays that support it. Typically the game will render in double the resolution than what is set in the Width and Height settings, which will still be the logical resolution used in scripts and properties.”

This gives you two options:

  1. Use high_dpi and set game.project to half the resolution and scale game objects
  2. Don’t use high_dpi and set game.project to full resolution and let the render script scale everything (default behaviour)

Discussed in these forum posts:


How to build app for iOS simulator?


I don’t think you can. @sven did an experiment a while back though.


I have a branch of Defold with a working iOS Simulator build target for the engine that I experimented with on an exploration day here at the office.

If there is a need for such a feature I’d like to take a stab at it next exploration day, unless if there is urgent need we could prioritise it into a sprint.



King probably has Scrooge-McDuck-style vaults of iOS devices but for indies being able to test in the iOS simulator would be incredibly useful


In the mean time I think it would be worth adding a sentence at the top of this manual page saying you can’t use the simulator. Save anyone else wasting a few hours


Ha, that would be cool. The truth is somewhere in between. We have quite a few devices per studio and the Defold team has a dedicated group of devices. We also have a device cloud for remote testing on device. Similar to AWS Device Farm (, which could be an option if you want to test on an iPhone X.

I agree. I think @sven researched this a while back, but not sure how far he got. He’s back on Monday, I’ll make sure to ask him.


Good idea! Similar to the “Help -> Report Issue” in the editor, you can click the “Have a suggestion?” button on all the manuals/documentation pages, and they will reach @sicher.


Due to insane amounts of bot-spam that managed to circumvent the bot honeypots the “Have suggestion” button now only appears if you are logged in.