#MadeWithDefold - the released games list


Hi all,

I met Thomas, the King CTO, yesterday and he asked about the indie released Defold games. I could remember a few, but I feel there should be more. Lets try to keep the list of released Defold-authored games with links to the stores and teams contacts. Perhaps this page grows into something bigger in the future =]

The List [WIP]

Please do comment with the links (and screenshots or videos!) to your released Defold games in the stores. We’ll get it to this nice list in the topic head.

Defold plugins, extensions and useful code snippets
HTML5 not working on Huawei Y550
OpenGL problem (SOLVED)

I think some of the other games from the same Game Dev school are also made using Defold (https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Game+Dev+School+-+student's+projects)



And another one by Johan Högfelt, Pi and the Power Pals - Magnet fishing


That is correct - and it is actually both iOS and Android, not just iOS :slight_smile:


I made this with my team. It’s not for the faint of heart!


New version :slight_smile:


I love the art for this game a lot. Thanks for the update, putting it to the topic head.


Theres a bit of blood in your game =]
Added it to the list.




Cosmic Crescendo – great space shooter, web-based.

King driven opportunities for teams using Defold

Hero Slide, iOS and Android: Hero Slide - puzzle and dragons!


Oh noes, this topic needs love. Updating it naow. Also we’ll be announcing copromo initiatives for the released and soon to be released Defold-authored games. So please do make us aware =]


Totem Defense – lovely little web-based game created during the latest GGJ by @Jazzpurr et al!


Rail Shuffle – a puzzle game ported from iOS to Android using Defold.


@Axel ,

Nice art , good looking game, but couldn’t play it since there is no tutorial (no time to it i think.) . At least idea is original , didn’t see that type before.

Best Regards,


Hello @Karl_Hornell ,

Well done, nicely integrated. Game flows speedy as defold.

My first thoughts;

  • Needs some polish , I assume its still under development.
  • First level is too hard i think, maybe add a tutorial in first level and make it simple.
  • Asking too much permissions.
  • I don’t know all the content apk size look a bit large for it.

Using samsung SM-T230 android 4.4.2 1280x800(1.6) , no problem with ui.

Best Regards,


Nicely done Karl! I agree with Armand on the first level. It was a bit too hard. Other than that it feels solid!


I assume it asked for the standard permissions required for a Defold game? On Android 6.0 you don’t get any permission dialog so for me I didn’t even notice it. 18Mb is not too bad is it?