#MadeWithDefold - the released games list


Hello @britzl ,

I really don’t know what my game comes out with audio , ad integration and social integration. But its 4.6mb for now. With 3 x 2048x2048 atlases. I am curious about what is in 18 mb :smiley: @Karl_Hornell

In-app purchases
Identity :find accounts on the device
Contacts :find accounts on the device
Phone : read phone status and identity
Photos/Media/Files :modify or delete the contents of your USB storage , read the contents of your USB storage
Storage :modify or delete the contents of your USB storage ,read the contents of your USB storage
Device ID & call information :read phone status and identity
Other : receive data from Internet ,full network access,view network connections,prevent device from sleeping,control vibration

I am just saying , do you need identity , contacts, vibration, prevent from sleep.

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P.S : Please dont take offence, just trying to learn…


android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS (which corresponds to the identity and contacts permission if I’m not mistaken), android.permission.VIBRATE and android.permission.WAKE_LOCK (ie prevent from sleep) are required for Google Cloud Messages (Push Notifications).


I haven’t explicitly asked for any permissions. Most of the 18 MB are ogg files.


Hello @britzl ,
Yes , you are right . The point is , I think this game isn’t using all those permissions for good. There is no feature that uses corresponding permission. Maybe in future updates. I know some friends of mine do not install apps if they see lots of permissions.
You couldn’t feel me man you are 6.0 :smiley: Come down here see whats going on in 4.4.2 :smiley:

  • On the left it uses harmless permissions so didn’t bother showing permissions , on right it uses special permissions.
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Well, ok, Karl could use a custom manifest file and remove all the stuff related to GCM if he doesn’t intend to use push notifications.


Victory Lane: Victory Lane - overhead car racing game

HTML5: http://googledrive.com/host/0Bx7kxLovSuKPbXR3cnFocXhVOUU
itch.io dekstop builds: https://benjames171.itch.io/victory-lane


Inbread – yet another iOS game ported to Android with Defold.


Cool stuff Karl! A really fun concept! It gets really difficult after a while.

BTW You should have joined the A Game By Its Cover game jam. This years covers contained the following game:

Family Sandwich ’87



Psychon 2 - overhead space shooter : https://benjames171.itch.io/psychon-2


Simple puzzle game with unique gameplay. It’s like a mix from tetris+match3+2048
you can play it online http://pipler.in
or on your android device google play


List updated – thanks for submissions, all!


Rocket Run has been given a proper release :slight_smile:

Play in HTML5 browser - http://rocketrun.bitballoon.com/

OS specific versions on itch.io - https://benjames171.itch.io/rocket-run


Grand Atlant

HTML 5 - https://darkwing00duck.itch.io/grant-atlant


I couldn’t resist. I got curious to try in-app purchases and ported another one of my old iOS games to Defold.

Permuto – a word puzzle

But the next one is going to be something original, which makes better use of the Defold engine.

Any point in submitting these first three to the Defold GDC Competition?


Very nice Karl, well done! It’s a really fun game. @Axel will be able to answer all of the GDC compo questions, but personally I think you should submit something new instead of a port of one of your old games (which are really great all three of them btw!).


Any point in submitting these first three to the Defold GDC Competition?

Great stuff, man! Since there’s no limit to how many projects you can submit (and your chances don’t decrease just because you submit more than one entry too), I say submit them all :slight_smile:


Thanks! Then I will do that.


Unlike my previous games, this one was built with Defold from the ground up, to take full advantage of the platform, and is entirely original. In many ways.

The early version I’ve put on Google Play only has seven levels. There will be more.



Hahaha, brilliant! I love the effect when the elephant jumps too high!


Janky Mouse https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shadabiral.mightymouse
Our first game made with defold