Windows .ico requirements (SOLVED)

I need some insight into what Defold actually expects with a Windows .ico file, I’ve tried to make a new icon with the exact same sizes and Defold won’t attach the icon to it no matter what I try

Yet Defold refuses to allow the use of the new icon on the actual .exe

I tried and it didn’t work either, none of the icon converter sites work, and the old one I think I might have used before is offline…

So it would be helpful to know exactly Defold is being picky about

what’s wrong with this ico? (156.2 KB)

Why does this one work? (78.1 KB)


Did you try with the settings described here?

I recall there was some issue with 256x256 size. :thinking:

Yes, I did try those exact settings.

But my previous .ico has 256 size and it works?

For whatever reason, Defold is discarding the selected .ico and using the Defold logo one with any other .ico I try to make.

Got it working actually… Tried a random windows application called

When I opened both of the icons the one that wasn’t working had a little “compress” icon checked, tooltip says: “Compress images for Windows Vista”


Resaved icon (has been opened and saved in trail version of iconfx, so you might want to look into that or find another free application that can resave without compression): (180.5 KB)


Thank you!

That version is paid but there is an older version that is free

And compress for Windows Vista can be disabled in the preferences