How to add an icon to my windows game? SOLVED

Hello everyone!
I would like to know how I solve this small/big problem: my icon doesn’t appear when I start or export my game to Windows. I’ve already tested several resolutions and even I haven’t gotten any results now.

Have you checked out the threads linked here?

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I did a search and I found a previous topic about it, but I didn’t quite understand the solution to the problem.
Would I need to use some kind of extension or code?
I’ve been using the engine for almost 2 months.

I would try using the application (icofx) that Pkeod suggested in the linked threads.


Like @Alex_8BitSkull says all you need to do is download the older version of IcoFX and make sure you disable Vista compression for it to generate Windows icons that work well with Defold. Make sure you make all of the standard sizes too.


Show! I’ll test today!

I managed to solve it with this software!

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