Window icon sizes

When bundling my game for Windows, I see the following error at the very end of the build output:

Error - 3 icon(s) not replaced in [game.exe path] using [.ico path]

I used the five icon sizes mentioned here: How to add an icon to my windows game? SOLVED - #5 by Pkeod

Is this error saying that I should be exporting a few more icon sizes? If so, which ones? I would like to get this done properly but there isn’t much documentation on this kind of thing.

Seems to be solved here

Looks like its an issue when icon exporting with compression for older windows versions. If you can avoid any options in your icon editor or use the software Pkeod linked that is proven to work properly with corrected export settings.

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Thanks for linking that thread, it brought the error count down to 2. I wonder if the upgrade to Windows 11 requires a couple more image sizes?

I think there’s a larger icon size required on windows 11. I think this was discussed on the forum not too long ago. We should make sure the windows manual covers this.

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Yep, 256x256: Construct your Windows app's icon - Windows apps | Microsoft Learn

I really struggled with this for both of my releases, so for the second one I documented the procedure in the comments. The main thing was the website used to generate the icons. I don’t know why it’s so hard, but it seems to matter where you get the conversion done, as if the output varies.

	--set icon
	if defos then

			Create multi-resolution icon from 256x256 PNG

		local ICON_NAMES = {
			["Windows"] = "win.ico",
			["HTML5"] = "win.ico",
			["Darwin"] = "face96x96.png"
		if ICON_NAMES[system_name] then

But how about the icon box in game.project? DefOS can do it, but it’s probably better to use the engine itself?

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I can’t remember for sure why I do it this way. I think it just doesn’t work in Steam.

I got the error count down to 1 using the following sizes in the IcoFX application:

256 x 256
128 x 128
64 x 64
48 x 48
32 x 32
24 x 24
16 x 16
8 x 8

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