Cannot bundle Windows EXE icon (SOLVED)


Trying to bundle for windows with bob, I get this (and no changed EXE icon):

Error - 5 icon(s) not replaced in /Users/da_petcu21/Work/icon-test/meow/icon-test/icontest.exe using /Users/da_petcu21/Work/icon-test/AppIcon.ico

Here’s the icons I used: (198.6 KB)

I tried using the sizes listed here, but it made no difference:



Try saving an .ico with this software with this version (it’s free) and setting disabled. The no compress Win Vista is the important part.

These sizes



It seems to have worked now with that option unchecked. Thanks a lot!

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Doesn’t this service provide a working .ico file?



I haven’t tried with that service. I generated my ico with, then added the 8-bit versions with IcoFX. It worked after unchecking “Compress images for Windows Vista”.

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