Stencil weirdness

I have a stencil node routine I use to create a scrollable text box and it worked for a while.

I just tried to call the exact same routine to work in a different gui scene and it doesn’t work. No bugs fire, but the box never shows up.

Any ideas short of looking at the code to consider?

Long shot, but are you using Orthographic? I’m having some unexplained issues with stencils that are specific to Orthographic:

No I am not using it.

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Too few informations :frowning: Where do you use the second scene? In the same collection? Different textures? I suspect it might be regarding Texture of GUI node invisible in runtime/build, but visible in editor if the box is never shown or eventually it is somehow moved out of the stencil in your code?

it’s turning into a layers issue of some sort… still experimenting. I do believe there is some special nature to layers/draw order unique to stencils that I’m not quite understanding that lies at the heart of this. Slow progress unraveling it but getting closer.

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Now that you mention that, I remember that I had the exact same problem. First my stencil was working, but then I moved it to a different parent node and it stopped, and it had something to do with the layers. I never really figured it out or found any explanation anywhere, I just fiddled around with the layers until it worked.

I checked the project again. I had all parent nodes of the stencil node set to no layer, the stencil node had a layer set, and its children had the same layer or a layer that drew after.

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Yeah it’s something like that for me but I’m still not finding it. It also feels like once I crack this I’ll finally stop making the same mistake. In the past when this occurs I futz with it enough and it started working and I wasn’t 100% sure what I did.

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