Scene3D - collection of assets for 3D gamedev

Hello! I’m excited to announce the first release of Scene3D! :rocket:

Scene3D is a collection of assets to help you develop 3D games with the Defold game engine:

  • Use included prefabs to quickly prototype structures, levels, and to test game mechanics.
  • Try out ideas quickly!

What’s included? Car physics, character controller, keyboard input, mouse look with a pointer lock, and frustum culling (only for 3D meshes), lots of prefabs, models, materials. Check out the README for the complete list.

The built-in example scene is available to play online:

Press WASD to run or drive, SPACE to jump. Mouse to look. 4 to switch between character/car, 5 to reload current scene, 6 to load next scene.

Let’s make 3D games with Defold!


And a small remark. We decided to make the first release a lot simpler than initially planned (without advanced things like shadow mapping). The point is to develop new features step by step, depending on the community requests.

Will see how it goes!


This is brilliant, thank you very much.


Really awesome of you to release this. Switching from solely 2D to 3D can be daunting since there’s so much more to learn, but having a starter learning kit should help out with that.


Great stuff! Can’t wait to see how this project evolves.


Fantastic stuff!!


This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a complex and user-friendly asset!


This is beyond amazing. You are a great person to share this. Its really heartening to see such great projects released for people to learn from. Well done. And thankyou for such a brilliant effort!


Awesome! Thank you.


Awesome work!


Thanks a million!

Ah, I forgot to state a more essential point. Currently, we are developing a 3D game with Defold (the process is slow, but that’s ok), and while doing that, we use Scene3D ourselves and will backport everything we have to Scene3D. So the community can expect new shaders, visual effects, scripts and so on.


Version 1.1.0 has been released.

What’s added:

  • Blob shadows (implemented as 2D sprites).
  • New scene: shadows. To test blob shadows and to demonstrate how to use them.
  • Simplex Noise 2D, 3D, 4D.
  • scene3d.is_quat, scene3d.get_scale_to functions.
  • script_api for native functions.
  • DefOS dependency + keys for toggling fullscreen (F11, Alt+Enter) + Alt+F4 for exit by @Pkeod

Plus other minor changes.

About blob shadows and the implementation. Basically, it’s a quad mesh on the ground with a dark, blurry circle on it below your 3d model. Currently, it’s been done with 2D sprites + physics raycasting. Yes, it’s the simplest possible way (other techniques #1, #2), but you can achieve great-looking visuals and superb performance with it.


This is great!

Being a fully 3D scene, do sprites face the camera when it moves or does their rotation stay static?


Their rotation stays static. So, you can use them to make labels / badges or a PaperMario-like game.

If you would like to make labels or sprites that always face the camera, then add the billboard.script script as a component to your gameobject to make this happen.

I’ve added the script and updated the playground scene. It’s a straightforward script, nothing special! The sprite with the Defold logo demonstrates how it works:


Is it possible to do the same with a shader?

I’ve been making a “Doom clone” with Unreal Engine 4 called ProBoon. And the idea was to release the code with some basic assets so people could learn how to do the same, I called this Project Boon.

Because my personal life has been a mess the progress has been really slow but I have almost all the pieces needed for a single player “Doom clone”.

Now Unreal Engine 5 is out and I’m thinking about porting everything to it. But sharing some logic is difficult because of the visual scripting language and Unreal Engine has its own way of doing things so I’ve found myself “fighting” the engine many times.

So I’m entertaining the idea of making a “low graphics” Project Boon with Defold and Scene3D, what do you think?


Yes, it’s possible, but not for sprites. There is a discussion.
Still, you can rotate sprites to face the camera in a script. It’s not a problem, from my view, if you don’t plan to have millions of sprites.

It’s a nice idea! Also, look at the Save shelter game.
If you aren’t familiar with Defold, you need to follow tutorials to learn basics of Defold.
And you should know that, at this moment, Scene3D has a completely basic forward renderer pipeline, i.e. nothing advanced like Nanite & Lumen technologies.


OK I’ll check that out.

About the graphics, something resembling N64 games is what I’m looking for.

I see that it’s possible to have vertex lighting like PS1 and you already have an example with simple shadows and colored lights, that’s more than enough. :+1:

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I joined Ludum Dare 50 a few weeks ago and managed to finish a 3D game in the Compo category. And today is the Ludum Dare 50 results day! :grinning:

So, the results of Merge Getaway:

  • Overall: 137th (3.742 average from 35 ratings)
  • Fun: 42nd (4.03 average from 35 ratings)
  • Innovation: 153rd (3.667 average from 35 ratings)
  • Theme: 132nd (3.985 average from 35 ratings)
  • Graphics: 83rd (4.091 average from 35 ratings)
  • Audio: 324th (3.121 average from 35 ratings)
  • Mood: 312th (3.242 average from 35 ratings)

Looks like players find the game quite fun to play :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now, it’s time to backport some useful stuff from the game into Scene3D.


That’s great, when I signed up I asked if it was possible to make games like GTA1 & 2. Now it will be even easier.

I started learning Lua, put a bunch of Defold tutorials in watchlists for later and downloaded all the Kenney assets to practice.

In the process of doing this I’ve been thinking about what kind of games would I want to make. I remembered all those which combined 3D models with prerendered backgrounds like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark or Blade Runner.

I wonder if it’s possible to do something like that. Using 3D scenes for collisions and instead of rendering the geometry show some very high quality prerendered image.


Merge Gateway is a great game and I think it would be profitable to invest into its development for mobile and web platforms :wink: Congratulations on the results! And thanks for evolving Scene3D! :heart: