Look Your Loot aka Hamster


I planed to add a few new cards from chests. So, revive will be more rare card.


I’d also like to see if I have a revive or not. And when it’s used there should be some kind of visual feedback.


There is a particle effect on the character when you have it but it’s pretty subtle.


Amazing result! Which hero under your direction did reach it? Knight, Mage, Paladin?


Dammit :smiley: Great result, Graz!


done :slight_smile:




WTF @Nuribachi?

Wallhack! Aimbot! :smiley:


Updated to 0.48
Added a new card from chest - poison. If revive is positive, doomsday is random, then poison is negative card. If you don’t remove it immediate poison will become stronger.


The list of card from chest what coming coon:

  • Magic Wand - Multiplication neighbor cards
  • Bomb - like a fireball hits neighbors, but make it after 2 turns. Hero will be hit too.
  • Just big bag of coins
  • Magic ring - add 1 HP to max HP of hero.

Lighting bolt does not hit at coins anymore.


Leaderboard via playfab service added:

Also found some bug with Input textfield. I made it with https://github.com/andsve/dirtylarry lib and it works on desktop browser (in some case not switch mouse cursor to default from input), does not shows keyboard on Andoid chrome, and don’t close onscreen keyboard on iOS browser (if you close it by self, it will reopen on next tap). :frowning:
(agrhh Get mobile keyboard with html5)


Made simple screen keyboard for nickname typing


The speed of which this game is progressing is really impressive, @Dragosha – nice! :raised_hands:
Any ETA on an iOS/Android app store release?


Poison is a good patch. This makes the game difficult.


Yes, it makes it difficult for sure. I usually just pick it up immediately. Waiting for a boss, hoping to kill it and get a doomsday from the chest is a bit too risky.

It would be cool if the poison could be destroyed by a fireball and deal damage not only to the player, but also to adjacent cards.


On the other hand. When you have got revive the best strategy is to deliberately fail the chests since you can’t have multiple revives and the rest of the items are dangerous.


Hmm, I actually open it even if I have a revive, especially if it’s close to the next boss. If I get another revive I can be more reckless, knowing that I have another one lying around on the game board.


It seems like shield not always behaves the same way. Sometimes it takes only 1 damage (no matter how much HP enemy has). Sometimes it takes damage equal of enemy hp.



There seems to be a little bug with the leaderboard. I’ve changed my name and played. My record has saved as “noname” (should be AgentSasori). There is also a record with this name (was on another pc).


The shield decreases by 1 as long as the enemy has lower HP than the shield.


I’ve encountered the same bug when playing from different devices.