Look Your Loot aka Hamster


Each device has the self unique login to leaderboard system. Nickname is just display name for this login. So, awhile the game has no link to any account (fb, gamecenter, etc) you will have independent records on different devices.


Not sure of the date. Firstly I need to buy a mac or make hackintosh for iOS build :slight_smile:



Thanks. As you postet the lnk from the leaderboard-website (API) I took a look at it. Didnt remember each device has its own ID. So every device has its own “record”. But this doesnt clear why AFTER I’ve change my nickname the game was recorded as “noname”. At the bottom was the right name…


Hmm, can’t reproduce it. Are you sure that after you’ve change nickname - no records changing in table?
Would you please change the nickname to “testnick” - I’ll check this login in playfab system?


Also I need to make new achievements:

  1. fail to open 10 chests in one game
  2. beat the record of Nuribachi.


This was me playing with nick set to “sicher”.


I checked this record and the line above it. Them have different IP address, but both from Sweden.
I’ll note this issue. Not sure what’s happening now.



Really a goal? :smiley:

pssst I quess he’s cheating :wink: Maybe he coded a bot :smiley:


In theory if you logon in playfab from device with ID of “record” and you change nickname it will change displayname in database. But in game I show the nickname from game save file (“You are” -string bottom on screen) . I think there is branch between values in database and save file. May be was error when sending string to server or something. Would you please open the leaderboard from device (or browser) where you made 9198 record and change the nickname to “sicher-2”?
So i need to synchronize datarecord in playfab and nickname value in save file.


I’ll do that tonight. That’s my iPad at home.


Two things:

  1. Mage does not take damage when failing lockpicking. I like that but it’s not mentioned on the character outline.

  2. How about a “key” pickup that is a one off automatic lockpicking?





I’m not a bot.


  1. Mage is OP.
  2. “chest - mage - fireball” make it in order and open the chest. Because it can easily remove poison.
  3. When HP is lower than the enemy shield, the shield is reduced by 1. Therefore, it is good to use one shield to remove many enemies.
  4. Revive is OP. Therefore, pray for the revive to come out of the chest.


Oh yeah? Then could you please tell me what this Captcha says?



ou, I think I’m a bot =( I can’t understand this captcha.


It is very easy.
n1F yrigam



On a serious note, well played, super impressive score! :smiley:


Ok, my asynchronous code for playfab looks like an “Inception” movie.


:smiley: pretty funny…captcha Code.

I quess he hacked that!

Come on…40k… Maybe he isnt a bot but hacked the leaderboard? :smiley:


Again. Changed my Name first, played 4065 coins, but in the leaderboard is noname :slight_smile:
Yes, a new device :slight_smile:

But anyway, changed the Name before playing :slight_smile: