Look Your Loot aka Hamster


once upon a time…
I asked myself, what I can do, quick, fun and 2d. I had some experience in graphics and some gamedev experience as indie developer from 2009. But second part of my experience burned down along with Flash games portals. After that I was looking for new engine for me, not just framework like AIR Starling and not rocket since like UE. Defold looks like what i’m looking for.

So, Hamster has begun over two month ago as “Defold study project” from the paper prototype:

and set of graphic sketches what I did early year:

Now the game looks like playable prototype:

From first lines of code the project was available at
http://dragosha.com/hamster/ as html5 game
and this is important thing for indie developer - get feedback on early stage of project.

Linked posts:

Html template with resizable canvas: HTML5 build full screen pixelated on HiDPI displays (DEF-2396)

In this topic I’ll post some things like that:

or that:

Overall plans: make complete game with sounds, twists and fun for mobile, web and desktops.



It’s a great game concept! Looking forward to the complete game!


Cheers for the post @Dragosha! What were the main challenges with Defold for you? There should be a love/hate story I guess =] We love to learn from such at Defold.


Love it! I think it would really work great on mobile, maybe with some added metagame/layer. But definitely something I would play. :slight_smile:


Added Google Analytics through @britzl great lib: https://github.com/britzl/defold-googleanalytics
and found a new game inside the game: which city gets the highest average result in the game :slight_smile:

Play for your city!

Or for your country :slight_smile:


http://dragosha.com/hamster/ updated to v 0.44

Added a new card - the trap. It damages the hero when spikes is active and ignoring by hero when trap’s spikes downed. The state of card is changing each turn. The card is ignoring hero’s shield.

Added some sounds in game and the music theme for main menu.

Sound specific of Html5 version:

  • no sound in iOS (needs for mp3 supports?)
  • sounds are crackling in Android Chrome. ( in particular the fireball sound). Main music theme twitches and has a little delay when collections are loading.
  • there are some noises in desktop Chrome on Windows 10. Сlacks on scenes switching.

Began working on achievement system.
In plans: add several ‘rpg’-classes for main hero in addition to the existing (will be Knight). The Mage, Palladin, Golem and Assassin.



Working on mage:

0- Photoshop
8:13 - Spine
14:30 - Defold + Atom
15:40 - Result


this is so cool! Gonna post it around


Its so simple - and I love it!

Playing it a lot… But now… dont know why, did a heavy record I quess :slight_smile:

By the way…there is a little bug:
If there seems the end of moves (your life is lower than the guys around and all other tiles are fadeout/flip to grey) and you pick up a barrel with a health-potion or fireball and you BEAT the opponents you can simply move/turn thru the grey (no enemy or item-card) cards o.O … just the new cards become any item/enemy. :wink:


A bit weird.
Found what we can’t known sound is playing or not. And there is no callback, message, etc for sound end.
So, if we want to play queue of music tracks we need grab their lenghts to table and check it in update().


very cool! I suppose it’s second result after 13k by guy from Minsk :slight_smile:

thanks for a report. I saw it, but not sure to understand where is logical trap in my code ) So I’ll just remove this effect from next version :dizzy_face:


I quess you check every move for “possible moves” and then call a function which turns the “not movable cards”. If not you may do so. From here I cannot understand where the problem is. Looks like after “turning the cards to impossible” you never check for possible moves.


hey @Dragosha

Found a small bug. In some cases (cant specify more exactly) at the End-Screen the last tile wont be fade out. See Screenshot:


This game is great! So cute! So well thought out! I am enjoying it a lot.


working on mini game


http://dragosha.com/hamster/ Updated to 4.6
Added: lock-picklock-unlock mini game (chest after boss defeat). Current difficullty: medium-hard.

If you open chest - get rare card.
If not - get fireball to hero.

Added: First ability card - Revive. It falls out from opened chest.

Revive returns your hero to board after his death from enemies or traps.


UUUhhh. Lockpicking. AWESOME!

This game is going more and more damn good card-game! :heart_eyes:


I loved this game! Keep on making it :slight_smile:



I’ve “infected” my girlfriend with the game. Now she’s playing it also :smiley:

Hey when will you release the android-version?


this fall, I guess