Look Your Loot aka Hamster


Working on third character. A crazy rusty knight hates shields and transforms them into lightning bolts.


I’ve returned from a small vacation and continue to working on the project.
Updated to 0.47: http://dragosha.com/hamster/
Added third class of hero: rusty paladin. (All classes still available in beta version and will be locked in release)
Added a new card: Doomsday - it remove all cards from the board and drop by half health of the hero.

Fireballs and lighting bolts can destroy card with power smaller then strike power now:


Nice! It was a while since I last played and I must say that this is shaping up to a really great game! I got the Doomsday card and a final score of 538:


Very nice work!

Doomsday card is a good idea. I also like the new char. Feels a little bit overpowered.

I guess there is a bug when a lightning hits a coin. In some case when the coin will destroyed it spawns a sack of cash which has more money than the coid had before :slight_smile:


Found a bug:

Trap cards keep at 0 (zero) and don’t switch back to a value :wink:

See screenshot (2 traps: 1 inactive 1 should be active - has a damage-value)


Another “bug” ?

I ran with my new hero from shield to shield. the second shield did not “execute”.
Maybe in case because I move fast and the particlefx are not done yet or so.


Paladin has steel boots and ignoring traps :slight_smile:

Of course gameplay needs some tuning. But rusty paladin should be funny. In release on start we will have the Knight only, after got about 2000 coins we can unlock the Mage and after about 20000 coins - Paladin. So, he needs some fresh feature and be playable in rush style.

And thanks for playing and testing!


Really love this game! :smiley:

edit1: When are you releasing on iOS?? :slight_smile:

edit2: Yay!


Damn Sven! 4892, impossible!


Great game! I’m totally buying this.

Note: First time I played it took me a while to realise I was one of the cards (yes, I am dumb!). Maybe this can be made clearer with presentation.


yay! @Dragosha is back! How’s the country/city charts feature? Even here in the comments the competitive aspect works out very well.


I’m just gonna leave this here…


@Johan_Beck-Noren working hard to beat @sicher


OH MY GOD @sicher.
Are you cheating? 14k… :open_mouth:


Hahaha… BEST: sicher ist Standing near him with a “hmm… will he beat-me” pose :smiley:
Pretty funny!

I like the way of working in your Office :wink:


So close!


So yeah… If the next Defold release is a few days late, blame @Dragosha


weekly top:

You rock, guys!


oh Frankfurt…thats me :smiley:


This game is great. but revive card is OP. If I had a revive card on the last chest I opened, I would have gotten a higher score.