If you have a Mac and active App Store membership please test codesign with guest account

  1. Bundle a blank project for Mac
  2. Download appropriate Mac developer team certificate either directly or with xcode (check in keychain)
  3. codesign with
    codesign --force --sign "3rd Party Mac Developer Application: Your Team Name" "game.app"
  4. Drag app to /Applications
  5. Login to guest account and see if it runs

This is the most basic setup that should work, but it’s not for me. Could anyone else who has App Store membership and access to a Mac test this?

I’ve tested xcode projects and with this dev setup it works for me on Guest accounts.

With Defold project if I do

spctl -va My.app it’s always rejected even what should be correct entitlements for sandboxing set. I do have “App store and identified developers” set in Security & Privacy. I’m not sure how to figure out why it was rejected.

When I do --verify and --deep-verify on Defold projects it says valid on disk, satisfies requirements.

When I do codesign -dvv My.app it does appear to be correct.

A lot of (random tutorial) sources online say to use “3rd Party Mac Developer Application: …” for uploading to Mac App Store but when I used “Developer ID Application: …” spctl accepted it. However even with this on Guest account I get “The application ‘…’ can’t be opened.”

By default xcode signs with a personal developer cert I think. But even using that one did not help.



I’m not sure you’re supposed to be able to run the executable locally if you codesign with the distribution (app store) certificate. That’s what development certs are for. The question should be “does Application Loader accept the app and does it pass review?” instead.



It uploads all fine, but fails on review (after green checkmark and submitting for review). The review team suggested I test running it on a Guest account. Xcode produced projects do work, but not Defold based projects. But I’m not certain on any of this and could use expert help with testing and finding the right way to do this.

This was linked when it first failed review, they didn’t give much other info just said “There was an error when launching the game” and it’s the same generic error I get when attempting to run signed app on guest account https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/qa/qa1778/_index.html

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