Free source code


The source code for a number of my games is now freely available for anyone to download or use. This is mostly to assist newcomers to Defold in how to do basic stuff, but anyone is welcome to have a look.

Bare in mind there are usually multiple ways to program things and I may not have always used the best way - I tend to use simplistic methods where possible.

The repositry can be found here -

And lastly a bit of advice: try and understand code you cut and paste, you’ll be glad you took the time in the long run.

Any questions or problems, I’ll be here.

Defold 2018 - a retrospective

Fantastic initiative! Great mentality towards newcomers and the community in general :slight_smile:


You sir deserve a big bag of Defold swag! Please PM me your address and I’ll happily send you some stuff!


Great! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your generous contributions to the Defold community! :+1:


Wow, thank you very much! Fantastic learn ressources! :smiley:


Thank you, this is so helpful!


Thanks for posting these Ben! I’m new to the Defold engine, and programing in general. These games are inspirational and look like a great starting place.

P.S. Heli-Rescue is SUPER addictive!


“Ice Runner” source code added to the repo :


The repository is now up-to-date with my most recent games:

Cave Runner
Elephant Smash
Word Worm
Crystal Caverns

Link again :


Wow :smiley: there are no words to tell you how much we appreciate it, thanks, Ben! :smiley: I especially like Crystal Caverns and Driller :smiley: