Defold 2018 - a retrospective


The year is drawing to a close and it’s time to sum up it up. And what a year it has been! @Axel would have whipped up some cool infographics but you’ll have to make do with some hard numbers instead:

During 2018 we have….
…closed 211 engine bugs
…shipped 148 engine features
…closed 499 editor issues
…made 25 releases
…sent 14 newsletters
…recorded 812 minutes of video (cheers @Oleg_The_Evangelist)
…released Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga in select countries (Android & iOS)
…been nominated twice as top game engines to use (1 & 2)

…is recommending Defold as one of the engines to use when creating Instant Games

The community has…
…made 13.7k forum posts
…created 2.0k forum topics
…released some high profile titles such as Family Age and Blastlands
…found a way to make an innovative game out of medieval marginalia in the form of Marginalia Hero
…made some pretty cool 3D dungeon crawler prototypes
…shared 96 assets in our Asset Portal

Ben James has
…shipped five new games
…released the source code of all of his games for free (thirteen games in total!)

There are probably more cool things to celebrate but these were the things that came to my mind. If you think I’ve forgotten something of importance then please share it here!

I’d like to end this post with a big THANK YOU to all of you super awesome members of our Defold community! I’m looking forward to our continued game dev journey together in 2019.


Thanks guys for creating and maintaining the best 2d engine I have ever seen.


Great job guys! I really enjoy watching Defold getting better and better one sprint at a time, keep up the good fight :smiley:


THANK YOU TOO! Numbers are gorgeous and they are representing the huge amount of work and love you’ve put in Defold. This engine and editor is developed very quickly, every feature request is considered by you, which is really, really awesome. Forum is lit, users are enjoying it a lot, there are a lot of assets, tutorials and questions solved, that we can find almost any answer we are looking for, and even if not, we are getting answer in the glimpse of an eye after posting a problem - this is really great! I’m really glad you’ve mentioned amazing games made with Defold and keep track of them. I must admit that I’m addicted to Family Age, Marginalia and Look! your Loot too :smiley: I’m happy you appreciated Ben and you should mention your code too, @britzl! :wink: You should also leave there a note about new members :smiley: Keep up the good work and Happy Defolding in New year to everyone! :smiley:


“Look ! YL” is really addictive I agree.
Special mention to @britzl’s code, @sicher tutorials, @Ben_James examples !


Yup!! :v:. The year has gone too beautiful for all of us. It’s surprising to see the numbers, and this and I am sure that the next one will be even better. The community has grown a lot, and I am glad that I at last found the best community in the world.

Exactly, with special focus on @britzl 'S examples. They really help a lot whenever I get stuck.

And its also great have new Defold team members this year.
BTW @britzl it should be us who should be THANKING YOU(THE DEFOLD TEAM) for developing such a great engine and being so helpful.
Wishing you all a very advanced Happy New Year.


that 812 minutes were watched 34,200 times in 2018

The most popular video:

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