Solved | Html5 low performance

Issue #6583 · defold (

Describe the bug (REQUIRED)
Bundling and playing a game on html5 results in extremely low performance / fps.

To Reproduce (REQUIRED)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Build any game with a decent amount of things for html5 and play it.

Defold version (REQUIRED):

  • Version 1.3.2 (Issue persists on previous versions)

Platforms (REQUIRED):

  • Platforms: HTML5
  • OS: Windows 10

Screenshots (OPTIONAL):

Additional context (OPTIONAL):
When looking at the task manager, the browser seems to only use CPU for rendering when playing the game for some reason. It’s usage stays below 50% as well.

Took the game from Free source code - The Defoldmine - Defold game engine forum

Please, make sure you test performance in release build.
When you choose Project-> Build HTML5 this is debug version of the game.

Also adding --verify-graphics-calls=false
in game.project -> HTML5 -> engine_arguments may help


I’ve tried that, didn’t change the performance.

Did you do a HTML Build bundle and see if that is performing the same?
The video looks like its running in Debug.

[ edit ] Just ran the same project and works fine in html. That was unmodified fresh checkout. My guess is there is likely a problem with your browser or environment. Try it on another machine or a friends machine to see if you see the same things.

This test was on Win10 x64 on a dual Xeon 2.6Ghz. If you can provide some info on your platform, that might help too.

Also, if you use firefox - it is slower (it looks like you are using chrome).

Also try to force reload the page, or clear your browser cache, to make sure you’re loading your latest html5 build.

It would be useful if you listed the browser/version you used?

@dlannan I did bundle it before and had the same result. The issue probably is that Edge is not using the Gpu for rendering any defold games.
My Cpu is a Intel i5 9600k and Gpu Nvidia Gtx 1660.
@GreenArrow Again, no difference
@Mathias_Westerdahl The newest Edge: Microsoft Edge Version 101.0.1210.39 (Official build) 64-bit

Interesting. Ive not tried using Defold on Edge much at all. It should be fine, because Edge uses the chrome engine under the hood, so perf should be almost identical.
CPU and GPU specs should be fine too.
Probably need to run the profiler and see what that turns up.

Should give you some hints on where things are. Additionally, check performance monitor to make sure that you arent hitting some resource limit on the machine (like threads or something interfering with it like antivirus).

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why is edge not using your GPU? It should be more than enough. Is it blacklisted in the drivers?

And what if you test in another browser?

Seems to work in other browsers. Edge doesnt want to use the Gpu in Defold games for some reason.

Just tried the game we just released in Edge. And had no issues there. Same performance as in Chrome, as it’s the same engine. Are you perhaps using a really old version of Edge (before they switched to chromium)?


I’m using the newest version.


I couldn’t figure out the exact issue, but reinstalling edge fixed the bug.