Writing a book on Defold


Uploaded another chunk update of the text. As I read through more of the text today and tomorrow I am planning to do a few more updates until Section 1 is fully up.


Another chunk update uploaded. Still more to do before end of today.


Got another chunk up for cameras this morning. Didn’t get enough done this weekend that I wanted to. Not enough time, too tired, realized I wanted to change, rewrite, or add more as I read. Excuses! But I’ll keep chugging along and uploading more chunks as I read when I can get time to until Part 1 is all up.

I got inspired to make another kind of book once this one is done. It will be free to current owners of this book, and it will follow the progress of making a single game chapter by chapter while using every single feature in Defold. :smile: So if people follow along they will have direct practice in using everything at least once.


Awesome! More learning material to look forward too.


Uploaded one of the examples from the book for the steps to setup a perspective based camera.



That sounds crazy. But exciting all at the same time. Not sure how u will be able to get every thing from defold into one game but at the same time that would be really awesome and I am looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.


Not ready yet, but working on some full screen post processing effect examples via render targets.


Sine wave distortion. I’m thinking about a good way to do lens like distortion which would allow ripples like a pond where you click.


Blur effect.


Bloom using the blur effect. Does not look too great with the hard shapes but it should be usable with others. @Martin_Dahlin any post processing effects you want?


Uploaded another chunk on message passing.


Uploaded another chunk detailing the saving, loading, and general handling of user save data along with a general example of the process and various considerations that are important in a production game. I’m having to put most of my time into normal work, but I’ll keep reading through chapters (and making corrections, additions) and getting the chunks up at this same rate. This weekend I’ll be able to work full time again.


Just skimmed through the book for the first time since I purchased it two and a half months ago, and daeumn, you’ve been busy. Nice going, man – keep up the good work! I recall you mentioning plans on doing mini-tutorials for actual games – is this still in the backlog somewhere?


Yes, everything I posted about before is still intended to be released. I’ll be making a full game tutorial on an infinite jumper pretty soon. After that the plans are a tutorial for a pixel art tile based rpg, and action rpg platformer as far as the interesting full game projects go. The other ones are more focused on technical aspects of certain projects like multiplayer networking. Anything specific you want to see? I could make a focused, mini-remix of most any kind of gameplay mechanic. Over time I’ll be releasing many small cookbook style tutorials focusing on implementing specific subjects. Many are in a state of progress right now.


Uploaded another chunk on audio. I’m planning a fully featured audio manager as a cookbook tutorial recipe later.


Working on a few different simple physics examples going through the features. Here is one of them showing applying forces in a direction. This simple example could be developed into a game. Imagine a large maze with a camera that follows the player, moving objects, spikes, and you must control the movement of a character in this kind of tethered rubber band way while avoiding obstacles and collecting points.


This weekend I’ve been working on some small physics examples, expanding the text on writing your own solvers for the built in physics, and working on two small physics based games which I’ll then write guides on once they are finished. Going to work on that more most of tomorrow and hopefully have some cool things to show.


Thank you for the hard work! Glad to see more contents being added in every week :slight_smile:


I’m glad to be able to show my support with my wallet and preorder your book! You’ve inspired me to get cracking on making all those games that keep insisting on getting out of my head to the world :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the completed book :slight_smile: keep plugging away at it.