Writing a book on Defold


The part with messages I struggled with was working out the URL, but putting this print(".",msg.url()) in the init of your script will print its URL. (can’t take credit for that, someone posted it a while back).


The URL is my biggest problem as well there or knowing where to send messages. Thank you for this :slight_smile:



Anything new maybe?


This weekend I’m working full time on the book again.


Just wondering on any updates


Working on the project as often as I can. I’ll be working again on it full time this weekend. Been doing some work during the week days after normal work.


Cool and I do not doubt that you r working hard however is there a way we could get a downloaded version of what u have right now?


I’ll see if I’m satisfied enough with the work by the end of this weekend. I need to bump a few threads here to try to get answers to some questions I’m still waiting on. Ask again next Sunday / Monday.


Ok sounds like a plan


Had to do real life obligations today, got some done still, tomorrow I’ll be working full time.

Sunday/Monday edit: Stopping work today now. Still more to do. Will keep updating.


Working full time on book again today, tomorrow, and the weekend.


Just updating on work being done. Working again today full time on book. I will for sure be working next weekend on book, and maybe Friday too.


Good to see any chance of a updated download?


My normal work has been keeping me pretty brain dead afterwards, but I’ve still been putting some time into this after when I can. I’ll be working full time on it again tomorrow all day, and the weekend as long as I can, and I’ll keep updating at least when I work. I really want to upload an update of progress but I also want to put time into improving what’s already there before I do as my understand of most things improved and is still improving, and I’m still filling in parts that need more work done on.


So I guess that means no updated PDF?


I am not saying that, but I don’t want to make a promise about it. There’s not much left to do, and I’ll be working all the next three days to finish it starting now.


Uploaded a smaller update with more of the intro sections. It has some general gamedev tips that may be useful for newer developers.

I am doing one more proof reading of the main text for part 1 and then will upload an update for that finally. I’m moving the API examples to be part 2 so that I can break each part into its own chapter as its text is really large. I mostly have the text done already for part 3 (Lua for Defold), just more editing to do. The other parts have a lot done, but still needs heavy editing and filling in some gaps. My basic plan is to release parts 1-3 in order, and then finish and publish a few of the complete game example tutorials starting with the infinite jumper example. If anyone who has purchased the book would like to request an example to be made message me and I’ll strongly consider it.


This is awesome thanks so much . I think some good tutorials / examples would be stuff like break out, middle command


Just finished reading through the update and have to say it is looking really good so far and excited to see more of course. Keep up the good work


This book has potential so far and I like it. Though I would love to get into game development early on, I still need to know how Lua works. Sure that book I can expect covers whatever you needed to know without too much info, yet, this looks to be a good read for anyone wanting to get the jist of things. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’m reading Lua programming language to make it easier to understand and know how they work. I can wait for as long as needed.