Which Spine features are supported?



which of the advanced Spine features are supported?

Are meshes with FFD and skinning supported? What about bone manipulation through code?

Thanks all.

Problem with new version of Spine. json format changed (DEF-1998) (SOLVED)

FFD/mesh is supported as long as you animate based on bones and not directly to vertices. You’ll need to make your spine scenes with this in mind. If you only want to move a few verts you’ll have to make bone based on moving just them.

Skinning is supported.

Can’t manipulate bones directly but you can manipulate IK in scripting via Game Object positions. It actually may be technically possible to mess with bones directly but if it’s possible would require working with undocumented API.


Also right now blendmodes are now supported (but I believe alpha is).
Keyable draworder is there but is not working properly and is reported as a bug.
FlipX, FlipY are not supported atm but are planned in a sprint soon enough. Actually the whole rotating/flipping a spine object within Defold is being looked at and will hopefully have a good solution.

I remember we worked with manipulated bones previously (or at least the gameobjects representing the slots). Just don’t remember what the outcome was. I will need to dig into that.

Animation blending is supported but not in several layers.


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