What's wrong with this Spine model? (SOLVED)


please look at the hero’s legs. This parts have not the animated keys (no flip x) and animated by IK. All works fine, but looks like the bone having some rotation, possibility at 90deg:

What is it? Bug or…?
UPD: SOLVED What's wrong with this Spine model? (SOLVED)

Another question:
In Spine we can use one mesh for different images and we can change them by skinning. This feature called “linked mesh”: http://esotericsoftware.com/spine-meshes#Linked-meshes.

Does Defold support this feature? (no reference in Defold manual)

One my model used linked mesh. In Defold the first skin work fine, but other not seeing:

In Spine it looks like this:

Archive with Defold project including spine models for test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lv4xqhvpxxekis/Spine%20test.zip?dl=0


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Importing Hero example from Spine has feet pointed downward

SOLVED first question. In Spine model was unchecked rotation inherit checkbox in bone’s properties.

If check it - all works nice.


Importing Hero example from Spine has feet pointed downward

I unfortunately can’t help you in any way, but I just want to say that this looks GREAT! :slight_smile: Can you read more about the game somewhere?



Thanks, the game just in pre-pre-pre-production phase :).

Some art:

Now I study new game engines and Defold among them. Before I did games on Flash.



Ok. Now I have new, third question :slight_smile: I Open the project in editor 2.0. and got a new experience with spine model. Difference picture with editor 1.0 and not working properly IK-animation:



Hi! Thanks for reporting this editor 2 problem! I’ve created an issue in github to track it:

If you find other editor 2 issues, you can report them using “Help -> Report Issue” in the editor. We’re very grateful for all bug reports/feedback.

Awesome looking game/characters btw!



Hi @Dragosha!

Regarding your second question, I’m afraid we don’t supported linked meshes (yet).

In fact we don’t support any 3.x version features, only 2.x. The only fixes we’ve made are to support being able to open the scenes after being opened and saved by a 3.x editor. (due to the renaming of the “mesh”/“skinnedmesh”/“weightedmesh” nodes)



We’ve fixed a few spine issues in editor2, including showing the selected skin in the editor, and building IK constraints correctly, so this issue (https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues/issues/613) has now been closed.



Hi @Mathias_Westerdahl

is there any plans to support linked meshes in the future?




Yes, but not soon. We plan to move the existing Spine support to an extension and also make it possible to use the official Spine runtime.