VSync and Defold

Hi all.

I have problem with refresh speed in project if vsync off in video card drivers. If vsync disabled in video card drivers - project work slow, but if vsync enabled in video card drivers project work good. Can you add option for enable/disable vsync from Defold, not from video card drivers.

Thank you

PS: If I right found info in GLFW vsync configurated by function glfwSwapInterval


Addition info - on other PC contrariwise all work very fast :slight_smile:

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This is a constantly recurring topic that I believe we need to look into. @sven, @Mathias_Westerdahl, @andreas.tadic and @Johan_Beck-Noren


Any info about my question?

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@Johan_Beck-Noren is actually looking into this issue at the moment. I can’t say when it will be fixed or land in stable, but there is a good chance it will arrive soon since we are looking into it. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

If needed I can test any build or add any need info about problem.

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Hello @tarnumius,

We are looking into this issue as we speak, with the design done and implementation underway.

In the meantime have you tried enabled variable_dt in game.project? This should for example make the game update at the correct rate even when v-sync is disabled.


Thank you for answer!

variable_dt was enabled on first developing day :slight_smile: I can make video with enabled variable_dt and disable/enable vsync in drivers.


Hi guys.

I see you implemented Vsync fixes. How use it?

If you’re referring to the latest release notes, the Vsync fix was mentioned under “Work in Progress”.

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Frame throttling

We’re also making sure the engine respects the “update_frequency” setting while still using VSync.
This will remove the issue of having the game run too fast.

Hmm I think it mean problem with vsync resolved :frowning:

As @ross.grams mentioned, it was listed under “Work in progress”. That means things that are being worked on, but are not yet finished.

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Sorry i not right read. Wait )