Vote on your favourite issues for 2021!

The Defold roadmap is primarily influenced by four major stakeholders:

  • Platform providers - When Google, Apple and other platform providers require the use of new features we need to include these in our roadmap.
  • Corporate partners - As a part of our corporate partnerships we offer development services and the specific needs of our partners will influence the roadmap.
  • Defold team - Our own vision for Defold has a strong impact on the roadmap.
  • Developer community - Finally we also have the valuable input which we receive from you, our absolutely awesome community!

To help us plan for 2021 we’d like to invite you to share your opinions and thoughts on the open bugs and feature requests in our main issue list for Defold. Please head over to GitHub and have a look at the open issues.

We try to categorize all issues using different labels such as “physics”, “gui”, “editor” etc to help with searching. When you find an issue that you believe deserves to be fixed please add a thumbs up vote to it:


We will use your votes to help us prioritize which issues to focus on in 2021.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that we will decide to fix an issue just because it has received a lot of votes, but it will definitely be taken under consideration and it will be of great help to us.


This is the main issue I care about right now

I want to be able to use .dae meshes as static collision meshes for level geometry primarily.

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I’m looking forward this feature!

(I’m no sure that there is an issue on github of this, no found)

Good issue. Webp in html build is very slow. Can’t use it)


Related to that

We will change the way we do texture compression soon and probably transition to use


I wonder if there is anything stopping bundling for iOS but skipping the signing step, then using 3rd party tools for that. Is there anything in the iOS bundling process that relies on macOS/Xcode? macOS works on Windows. One thing that’s nasty potentially is permissions (like when trying to do it on Windows), but it is possible to set that stuff inside of the zip with some tools.

You should already be able to bundle for iOS on Windows? It’s a checkbox in the bundle dialog. (I haven’t tried it lately though)
I think adding a hook to run a custom (editor) script to run on your output bundle is a good way forward.

Maybe it works with bob (have not tested), but the editor does not have the option on Windows and probably Linux too.


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I think we’ve just missed adding that to the drop down menu.

You should be able to use bob (which is what the bundle dialog actually uses anyways), by simply not providing the mobile provision and the identity.


Hi, nice post. This issue is what bothers me most of the time and is very critical to dev productivity:

Please, help if possible. I’m eager to provide any telemetry/logs/info/steps/OS settings.

I hacked it in my project in some way, but in the future I would like to see the setting of the shapes of collision objects from the project script.

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Maybe not so much an issue persay, depending on how you look at it - but something along the lines of Unity’s FixedUpdate or Godot’s _physics_process would be nice.

If I’m understanding my research on frame-dependency and browsing through similar topics on this forum, the lack of it makes it a little harder to make your game deterministic in Defold due to floating point roundoff when incorporating dt, yes?

I have visited and revised a bunch of GitHub open issues and give thumb ups to those I liked.

Amazing job from the Defold team on the last year! Congratulations! :partying_face:

I wish to give a general recommendation (I’ll get some hate from 3D enthusiasts, understand I’m a 3D fan too):
I wish Defold keeps the focus on being a robust and definitive 2D engine. Keep Improving and polishing the editor. Keep making our lives easier :smiley: you rock on that! Expose more functions to the Lua side. Keep adding useful features. And… avoid getting lost on 3D stuff… I love to have a few basic 3D features, but if Defold goes the vast infinite road of 3D engines, I’m afraid the many great little things that can make this engine and editor the best for 2D will be slowed down. What I love the most of Defold is the small it is, small exports, how productive and simple. Keep fine tuning and polishing. There are too many options for making 3D games out there bloated with features and complexity.

Happy new year all :partying_face:


@piXelicidio very wise suggestions!


We are on the same page here! We do not wish to compete in the very expensive cut-throat market that is AAA 3D engines. We plan to make improvements focused on 3D games in 2021, but the things we have in mind will be fairly modest in comparison to our plans for 2D.

And to you too!


two very minor but helpful suggestions for editor:

  1. In outline show name of collection at top.
  2. This may exist- but I havent found it, having a right mouse menu for copy cut paste delete is really handy.

not biggies.