Happy 2021!


This is not only the start of a new year but the beginning of a new decade (Gregorian calendar does not have a year 0 so 1 is a new decade). Make the best of it!

I hope everyone here, along with their friends and family, have a happy, productive, successful, and enjoyable year ahead. :sparkler::fireworks:

Let’s make sure 2021 is the year Defold reaches the 100% funding goal for NE build server costs. If you’re not a supporter yet, you can become one here https://github.com/sponsors/defold (and if you are planning to release a game on Switch make sure you pick that tier) If you are a regular user of Defold and have not supported it yet this is the call to action you’ve been waiting for to start supporting the project. Having NE builds publicly buildable for everyone at no cost is a huge benefit for everyone and is one of Defold’s unique strengths, let’s ensure that the cost is covered by the community who is able to help fund it.

I hope that this year Defold can gain more funding so that the team can focus on improving features related to 3D. The main feature I still want is using meshes for 3D collisions. Of course we will always want more features but this one is a big one that is limiting many game designs on its own.

With the official Death of Flash, Adobe remotely disabling it, and even Microsoft releasing an update to forcibly uninstall it, the features that Flash had which made it accessible to creators/artists become even more of a sweet target to aim for eventually. Maybe in the decade to come some of those features can be added to the editor/engine.

Some specific ones related to Flash would be:

  • Some kind of timeline system, it’s been discussed before, it would need more community involvement to nail down the list of features desired that would be useful.
  • Art production tools inside of Defold somehow. A basic sprite painter with easy flipbook animation tools. A basic vector shape creator. Gradients / layers maybe. Fast rasterizer. Things to think about. A simple pixel art tool should be the first art related thing to add to the editor IMO.
  • A built in tool to all-in-on-fileize Defold games. The reason it should be included, and the reason it’s cool, is because it would make it easier to share HTML5 versions of Defold games when you want to share them, that was one of Flash’s strengths, that usually Flash games were distributed in a single file. This tool does exist externally ( https://github.com/aglitchman/defold-playable-ads ), but I still strongly believe that the ability to put all files into a single .html file should be a builtin optional feature for HTML5 games. It should be a checkbox, All in One, for HTML5 builds for the benefit of enabling Defold based games to more likely spread (when we want them to).

This year for me I want to learn Clojure more and begin contributing to the Editor consistently.

I’ll be focusing on Defold Shaders (2021 shader practice / learning edition) this year and trying to make a big collection of useful, efficient shaders for everyone to be able to easily use.

I’ll also be focusing on rewriting my book project with a new direction, focusing not as a reference but teaching useful game design concepts within Defold / all of the tricks which can elevate Defold projects and make them better in all of the ways that matter.

Personal dev wise I want to release 2 more solitaire games in 2021. And launch Pixcade as a focused webgame portal. All #MadeWithDefold

Please share some of your Defold related goals for 2021!

And make sure you do vote for the top issues for 2021 on Github with a :+1: Vote on your favourite issues for 2021!



noooooo you beat me to it
Oh well~
Happu 2021 everybody~



Happy New Year to everyone!

My Defold-related goals for 2021:

  • Continue refining Apple Spider.
  • Fully develop and release another small game using Defold, released to Google Play and HTML5 platforms (hopefully using the upcoming GameDistribution extension).
  • Finally start development on one of my most ambitious project ideas. It will require some basic 3D (mixed with 2D) so I think Defold will be able to handle it? I’ll need to work with materials, shaders, and post-processing to get a nice stylized look. Ideally some basic lighting/shadows as well.
  • I’d also like to give back to the community with some tutorials. Most likely some small bite-sized ones, but maybe a full project? I’ve always wanted to do that, but it’s so much work.


Happy New Year!

I just wanna thank everyone here for the excelent work on Defold and its community. I’ll try to contribute more this year.
My goal is just keep making small games until I feel confident to work on a bigger project. And maybe someday my biggest game can be at Defold’s Showcase section :smiley:



Happy New Year everyone!

First of all my best wishes to us all!

My Defold-related goal for 2021 is only one:

  1. Fully finalize development and release my game using Defold and hopefully release it to Google Play and/or AppStore.




Happy new year, all! :partying_face:

I’ve been working on a Defold game in my spare time since I started learning it in the summer, so hopefully I’ll release it soon! I should post about it here sometime since it’s getting to the point where it looks presentable.

I loved using Flash, and the shared affinity many here have for Flash is one of the things that led me to try Defold. A timeline with sprite sequencing, frame timing, and msg.post() calls or even general Lua code tied to certain frames would be useful to me, and probably others too! I don’t know if I really see myself creating art inside the editor, though – there are so many more specialized art tools already!

This is one of my favorite forums I’ve ever read/posted on, and I hope the new year is particularly kind to all of you – both in your game development and personal endeavors. :grin: