Visual transitions between collection proxies (DEF-2068)

It’s common to want to make visual transitions between two different rendered levels or scenes. In order to do this both collection proxies need to be rendered simultaneoulsy, but differently to get different render targets or whatever is required. Current possibility to do this would be to differentiate by material, which blows up quite fast. A better way would be to include the difference in the render predicates or similar, and be able to filter the draw calls on it.
This was discussed by @Pkeod and @ThunderZ in this thread.


Nice @Ragnar_Svensson.

Thx for the Feature Request.
I haven’t the reflexe for doing it and my english is very poor.

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Created a ticket: DEF-2068

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Any updates on this request? My team is very interested in this feature.

Unfortunately not, and it’s not anywhere close in the plans either. What kind of effect are you trying to achieve specifically? If a freeze-frame of the previous collection is ok, it could potentially be achieved through render targets.

black screen fade in-out from 0% to 100% alpha. vote up for this feature!

update: may be also “flash effect” fast fade-in-out white/red screen, for example when player got damage.