Translation matrix in vmath (SOLVED)


Would be nice to be able to do a little bit more with vmath. For instance like creating a translation matrix from a matrix constructor. Now I can set the fields of the matrix manually, but having a constructor for it would be preferable.

Also it would be nice to be able to do go.get_world_matrix(). Especially when doing input picking.

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Translation matrix constructor sounds like a good addition. Getting the world matrix should be pretty straightforward. Since you can use any matrix in the render script (or several) you can just pass the one you want to use for picking with a message.



Yes but there is no way of accessing the matrix of a game object. That is what I want.



The closest thing would be to create it myself from translation, rotation and scale of the object, but that would most probably not get the scaling from parents (and there is no api for scene graph access). And it would produce a lot more garbage than simply getting the transform that most likely already exists in the engine internals.



Ok, I understand your request. Adding an issue.




Solved in 1.2.159

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