Defold 1.2.159 has been released


Defold 1.2.159

This release adds the ability to get a game object’s world transform as a vmath.matrix4.

We have also updated the builtin shaders to use a higher precision for the view_proj matrix uniform, to avoid graphical issues with sprites rendered far from origin.

The release includes a minor fix for the sound system on iOS that should resolve the stuttering/micro-freeze when playing sounds on older iOS devices.

Notes on Android SDK and NDK

Due to Google Play Store requiring applications to be built with a newer target SDK (and our ongoing work to support Vulkan), means that we are soon going to update our internal build tools.
We want to give our users a heads up that this will hopefully be released in the next version of Defold, but it also means our lowest supported Android OS version will soon be 4.1.


  • #3392 - Added: Retrieve a game object’s world transform matrix. (DEF-1548)
  • #4222 - Changed: Replace mediump with highp for view_proj uniform.
  • #4115 - Fixed: Engine micro-freeze when playing sounds on older iOS devices.
  • #4232 - Fixed: Focus lost callback wasn’t called on under some situations (ex Siri open).


  • #4258 - Added: Ability to remove recent projects.
  • #4255 - Changed: Editor window title shows project name first.
  • #4200 - Changed: Redesign views of all forms.
  • #4250 - Changed: Redesign Target Discovery Log dialog.
  • #4198 - Fixed: Update UI when clicking on some nodes in a scene.

`window.set_listener()` doesn’t trigger `WINDOW_EVENT_FOCUS_LOST` on phone call(iOS) (Issue-4160) (SOLVED)
Play sound on iOS make a little freeze (#4115)(SOLVED)
Translation matrix in vmath (SOLVED)
Defold 1.2.156 has been released
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Yay new update!
sven may I ask do you and the developers of the engine plan on working on something that will allow IOS development for windows and linux?



We want to enable non-mac users to be able to bundle for iOS and OSX. Sadly it’s a bit tricky with the tools that Apple provides that we currently need to use.
I think @Mathias_Westerdahl started investigating if some of these tools could be ported, but I don’t remember how far he got.



Alright that would be pretty awesome to be able to bundle to IOS and OSX,
Good luck.



Iirc, I managed to cross compile the signing tools for Windows, and run them on my own mac (in a VM), but not at work (in a very similar VM).
So more work is on that front.

I think the first goal is to make it possible to bundle the .ipa on Win/Linux without signing.
That might make the task more manageable.



Solving this makes the most sense. Then anyone can build an .ipa and use either some online signing service or a single dedicated or shared Mac just for the signing part.



Yay! Faster picking for my game!

Update: Not by much, though, but every bit counts. From 1.35s for 1000k iterations to 1.25s.