Tiling sprite texture


A kind of sprite that can be resized and when it does its texture is tiled within it without actually stretching the texture - although a property which resizes the texture within it to be larger or smaller would be handy too + ability to change dimensions of the sprite with scripting while not changing the tiling offset. Meant to be used with textures that are made to tile seamlessly. Can be useful with layouts, making level.

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You can do that with a custom material and the right sampler setting. Check out http://www.defold.com/manuals/material/#_sampler_settings

You won’t get editor feedback through which may be what you’re after?



Yes, to see it in the editor.



I apologize for the bump, but if this is still the way to achieve a tilesprite is there an example somewhere of this custom material and how to use it



I still think the tiling texture would be a useful primitive type to compliment normal sprites / gui nodes.

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