Sprites does not work properly on [.exe](SOLVED)

Hello, I am Japanese so I may use wrong English sorry…

Some sprites change their color on executable file.
But while debugging on Defold, it does not happen.

Running with Defold.
Running with executable file.

Please give me some solution.

I changed “Extrude Borders” yesterday.

I set it 1 to 0 and “Margin” did 0 to 1.
I could solve each problems :smiley:

I’ve seen similar problems if the png was of the wrong type (indexed or wrong bit depth).

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You can read about some common problems here

This is most likely because the image have the wrong amount of bits. I am not sure but I think this problem only shows if Defold changes your source somehow - like when adding Exturde or Using Texture Compression. So I would still convert your images to 8 bit just in case.


Thanks for your support! :smiley:
I am going to read it!