Spinescene in GUI? (SOLVED)

Not possible right now?

No, it’s not. You can use flipbook animations but not Spine.

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And again, it’s in the backlog and asked for internally by one of our game teams. My guess is that this will be possible fairly soon.


I hope they support clipping when added.

Except for clipping, it is possible to do spine in a collection and sync the transforms with gui nodes through lua, but it’s pretty inconvenient.


It’s really sad (
just I encountered this problem in my project

It’s good that at least it’s on internal wishlist/backlog. For now we have to have extra GUI and Game Object render layers and then translate Spine scenes to correct positions.

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Thank you.
Right now I try to make something like you told with one more predicate and I trying to understand how to apply the same adjust mode (“zoom” using scale to GO)

looking forward to


hmmm (
why spine node has no inherit alpha checkbox ?

No idea. @sven, do you know?

Hm, that sounds like a missing checkbox in the editor, in engine it should work. I’ll have a look this afternoon.

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You are correct, we simply missed exposing them (alpha, inherit alpha and blend modes). Added an issue for this: DEF-2348

Have a fix ready, hope to have it in to 1.2.96.


Wow it’s so rapid!
Thank you,
I already found workaround for my case, but will be great to have this feature and replace my workaround.


DEF-2348 was fixed in Defold 1.2.96: Defold 1.2.96 has been released