Defold 1.2.96 has been released

Defold 1.2.96

With this release we have fixed a couple of issues related to model and spine animations, both in runtime and some minor editor fixes.

We also fixed an old issue related to Windows bundles; the console window will not be displayed for bundles anymore.


  • DEF-2343Fixed: Spine rendering and transform issue
  • DEF-2342Fixed: Fixed bug with bezier curves in Spine animations
  • DEF-2331Fixed: Input devices sometimes registered as an invalid Gamepad
  • DEF-1774Fixed: The console windows removed for Win32 bundles
  • DEF-2348Fixed: Missing editor controls for alpha, inherit alpha and blend mode for Spine GUI nodes
  • DEF-2358Fixed: Label could not go.set on color(s)

Console window came back again ( it’s a bug? Should I create bug report on github?

We reenabled it for debug builds (“DEF-2626 - Debug versions of dmengine will show console on Win32”)
Are you building native extensions? They currently build debug :confused: (issue DEF-2477)

I try to make bundle with release checkbox (yes, i have one NE)

Well, that’s what the DEF-2477 is about, that the release checkbox isn’t respected


ok, thank you. I will wait the fix (

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