Save shelter (old school fps) #CoronaDefoldJam


Now you can shoot bad robots instead of logo(all art from web) :slight_smile:



This, I approve of! Nice update – love the strafing



The core logic is near end. One or two weeks and it will be playable :grinning:

1)Lock cursor(only html, Pointer Lock API)
2)Player can move left and right
3)Change art
4)Add objects to level(table, lamp)
5)Add pickups(medkit, ammo, weapon)
6)Add UI(health,mana, weapon panel)
7)Add animated walls
8)Add different weapons(melee and range)
9)Fixed player collider

Plans for next week:
1)Weapon logic(shoot, reload, rate of fire, projectiles)
2)Simple enemy AI(if have time)
3)Some refactoring



Changing level in json file it is hell. So break everything, add support for tiled :dark_sunglasses:



Have you tried exporting to Defold? (I haven’t tested it myself :/)

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I’ve tried and it’s working well. Note though that the tilemap will not really help @d954mas. I think exporting to JSON from Tiled is better in this case.

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No,I don’t use tiled, to make tile map. I use tile to describe my level data(wall, objects and etc). Then I export to json file. Then in my game a parse that json, and place walls and objects at their position. For me tiled is level editor :grinning:



Ok, I’m curious: why do you need to change the Json file then, if Tiled writes it for you?



Before yesterday i don’t use tiled. I have a json file, that i change myself. Now i have tiled and it awesome :slight_smile:

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Aha! Cool!



Add light like in xibalba :flashlight:
The main idea that for every cell in level i can set color. Floor and walls in such cell multiple their color by light color(tint)



It is insane that you are making this!!! I salute you!

edit: just played the update, looks and feels amazing. Good luck with the project!



Looks good!

Some obligatory exploding barrels (bonus if they have some slight physics push away effect of things on the ground / other barrels before they chain explode) / secrets doors which open by E key.



I have doors in my notes. So i will add them sometime in future :slight_smile:

Sounds cool. I write barrels in my notes. :boom:



I thought that this week I will make enemies ai and the logic of the weapons. But i do other things. :slightly_smiling_face:

1)I try split level to chunks and show only visible of them. But i have some problems, and i understand that i don’t realy need it.Because i don’t have perfomance problem. Also looks like if i changed camera distance i get same result, without a lot of work. :confused:

2)Change loading level logic to use json created in tiled.Tiled is awesome.Sometimes i place objects in wall layer and that level break game. But it is much better then edit json in notepad :slightly_smiling_face:

3)Predefined light. When i make level, i can draw light in another layer. Then in game floor and walls multiple their color by light color(tint):flashlight:

4)New minimap. To show it press tab :world_map:

5)Add very stupid AI. If enemy see player, enemy go to player. :brain:

At the next week:
1)Done weapon. After that game can be playable so i should do it.
2)More complicated ai(states,astart)



Coolness level over 9000!



Awesome work! I have a problem though. When my mouse cursor reaches the edge of the screen I can’t turn anymore. I really have no idea how I would solve it - but I am eager to learn how you do it. :grinning:



I use extension to hide cursor. It work only for html and use PointerLock api to hide mouse.
Then in init function add line: lock_mouse.lock_mouse()

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No - I mean that it seems you turn the player by checking mouse position, so I can’t turn 180 degrees because the cursor get stuck at the edge of the screen. (so the problem is in your game, not in mine :slight_smile: )



If you click in game window by mouse. The game will hide cursor, and you can rotate. :slight_smile:
I check mouse dx and dy, but when you stuck at the edge of the screen the dx is zero.

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