Don't forget Tiled 0.17 with Export to Defold Tile Format

A great tool very flexible that now support defold export

Added export to Defold .tilemap files


The new Tiled Fusion theme with a base color of #5e5e5e is super good looking.

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It’s fixed in the next release. Probably be released within the next few days based on how often they update.

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Has anyone had success exporting Defold tilemap data from Tiled? The format doesn’t appear on the list of available export formats here.

Next version has not been released yet so you’d have to build it yourself for Windows support. They forgot to include the extension for Windows in the last version, but it was included for Mac. Seems like any day now an update should have been released, but they are still very active on git…

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i just updated my tiled from 0.17 to 0.17.1. Plugin for windows already included. :crab::dove::lion_face::scorpion:


Nice. Thanks you for the letting us know!

For anyone else that was as confused as I was after grabbing v1.0.2 and finding no defold export option, you need to enable it from the ‘plugins’ tab in the preferences