Raspberry pi support?

Is it possible to run defold on a raspberry pi 4 ?

Is it possible to target the raspberry pi 4 for builds (aside from browser/html) ?

Or maybe is it possible to build a version of defold using code on github that can work on a pi 4 ?

What options are there for using defold with a pi 4 ? :slight_smile:

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The Pi has a different CPU architecture so it won’t run the editor or engine. It’s obviously possible to add support if you want to, but it’s almost like adding support for a new platform.

Ok - thought I’d ask, I’m experimenting with the pi4 at the moment - thanks !

Hi! This is the first topic that comes up if you search for raspberry pi and I would like to make sure it has an accurate answer.

There’s a very simple way to get a defold app onto a Raspberry Pi: install lineageOS, then create an android APK and install it. I have yet to run into any issues with this set up, though my app is not particularly complicated.