Editor/Engine Apple Silicon Support

Just wondering where things currently stand with regards to Apple Silicon/Universal support in both the editor and the runtime builds?


We’ve started upgrading our development hardware to M1’s, but we haven’t started looking into desktop macOS arm64 support yet.


Any news on this front? If Apple Silicon export functionality is added, will there still be an option to export as intel 64bit via rosetta?

We are not actively working on it, but it is discussed. It impacts our CI, local builds, native extension builds, engine and editor. It is far from trivial to add support in such a setup.

BUT all of us are now contently juggling one new Apple M1 laptop and an old X86 for our daily work and that is not optimal (emulation does not always work) so this is something we want and need to address actively soon.


If you ever support M1 Macs, would it be posible to have M1 Linux support and therefore be posible to make games for (Linux) arm64 devices like the Rasperry Pi?

M1 is an Apple proprietary CPU, and to the best of my knowledge isn’t available for other OSes.
Defold already has (admittedly, slightly limited but mostly fully functional) support for Linux on Defold, both as a development environment and export target.

I believe support for Raspberry Pi and its OS Raspbian is not yet implemented.

With that given, I’ve heard some talk about running Defold games on Raspberry Pis through a browser with the HTML export option from Defold.


I guess the question here is “Can we get Defold on Linux aarch64 (ARM64)?”. This would mean Raspberry Pi (and other single board computers) support among other things, plus novelities like hacked Nintendo Switches running Linux. Also, there are ways to run Linux aarch64 on M1. Either through a VM inside macOS (officially supported) or natively through Asahi project. Apple allows you to unlock the bootloader on M1 Macs (as opposed from iOS devices). Asahi devs have gotten pretty far with GPU drivers, so it’s conceivable you’d be able to run OpenGL games already.


Supporting arm64-linux is of course very possible.
However, for every platform+architecture we add, there is a not insignificant amount of support that needs to be done “forever”.

And although I don’t know the number of Linux players out there (please share such data if you can, it would be interesting to know, especially in relationship to Win32+macOS), I just assume the number of users that will actually use arm64 release is even smaller.
As such, I don’t think we’ll spend time on it ourselves anytime soon.


Has there been any progress on getting support for Apple Silicon in editor and engine ?


It’s slowly progressing for the pipeline/engine. No actual ETA yet, but Q1 I’d say.


Any news on this and how it’ll fit in the 2023 roadmap? Would love to have a native development experience when using Defold on an Apple Silicon Mac.

We’re making progress. I think we’re basically done with the engine and build tools. The editor remains.

@JCash will be able to give a more precis update on the status.


The first step (bob.jar + engine) is almost done and ready for review. I just want to add a small fix to the bundle dialog and then it’s ready for review by the team.


It might be worth mentioning here that the defold editor and every #madewithdefold app I’ve ever tried have worked on my M1 macbook, ever since it came out. But, I am looking forward to that sense of satisfaction from going native.

This is (technically) possible, by using Konstakang’s LineageOS build (which is android), and installing an APK. It’s the technique I used for the projections behind me in this video: https://youtu.be/QLjmKqjY7iA

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