Pitch on sounds (DEF-1150)(SOLVED)


I would very much like the possibility to set the pitch on a sound when it is played. The use case would be for instance each time a weapon is fired you would change the pitch slightly up or down to create variation in the sound. This could of course be done using separate sounds and alternating between them, but in a mobile environment where the size of the app is important that is highly undesireable (not to mention the work it takes to do so with all sounds in a fairly large game).



Yes, this has been brought up before and is indeed very useful. I’ll see if we can prioritize it.



It’s in the backlog but I can’t say yet when it will get implemented.

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I’d like to bump this.
Setting pitch on sound when triggering it would be very useful. Having the ability to modify it while it is playing would be a nice bonus for making simple car engine sound fx among other things.



I’ve bumped this issue in our backlog (DEF-1150)



Pan too, please :wink:

OR a built-in “sample system”, just like the particles one : selecting samples to use, how to run through them : random, sequence, looping or not and basic variation to apply to pitch, volume, pan when played would be fraking awesome. :smiley:

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Pan and pitch would be very important for me. Filters such as low and high pass would be also cool.

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Bumping this again. I’d like to be able to control sound pitch too - at least when triggering a sound and if possible alter the pitch during playback (I’m trying to simulate engine noise and it’s barely feasible at present).



I would also very much like to see this added. Seems like a very basic thing to have in the engine.



You can fake this by having two separate stereo audio files which only have left / right at full volume and the other silent, and then increase or lower the volume of each to simulate a pan.

Engines should only have a few pitched versions for the different gears, so it can be done with pre-made audio files too for now.

I agree about the sound features.

3D sounds general features
Per target /profile audio processing for optimzation
Audio streaming for music/long tracks

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Cool idea in concept, but when you have a lot of sound files you want to apply panning to, this gets messy and bloated very quickly. The sound support in the engine could do with some much needed love.



I too would love to be able to at least set pitch when playing a sound.
It’s a really simple tweak that adds lots of flavor to certain scenarios. Imagine ricochet sounds in a gun fight going off in different pitches. Perfect!



I’d love to hear, if these features (pitch, pan, maybe even generation of tones?) are coming at least in near future. Just started learning Defold and like it a lot, but was a bit underwhelmed when I saw what can be done with sound.



Yes, the sound support is underwhelming and unfortunately we don’t have anything planned for the near future. We are currently spending the most of our efforts on switching to the new Editor2 and native extension support. Sound improvements will have to be planned at some point after that.



Please make it a rather high priority after Editor2 or even shove it in somehow because in my opinion pitching is very important to avoid sfx sounding repetitive and dull. In fact i won’t be satisfied with the quality of my games without such basic features and I’d rather avoid to create dozens of additional sound files and to deal with managing them to achieve the quality i am used to… :slight_frown:



Today is the 954th day of the original request … :man_facepalming:

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I agree with you that this should end up in the engine, but until it does you’re able to pitch sounds using the OpenAL extension.



Solved in 1.2.162