Defold 1.2.162 has been released


Defold 1.2.162

We’ve replaced the internal SSL library to mbedTls, and the http.request() can now work with a lot more secure sites, including Playfab

We have added the new engine flag --renderdoc, that enables you to profile and debug graphics API calls from your game in Renderdoc. This will launch the application in Renderdoc compliance mode, which basically means the engine is run with a core OpenGL 3.2 context. At the moment, this is only available on Windows and Linux.

This sprint we also fixed some tilemap issues that arose from 1.2.161. I want to thank all users involved in finding these!


The sound system now got the possibility to pan sounds. The algorithm uses Constant Power panning (like Unity and FMod). Since we didn’t use it from the start, this means you’ll get an initial drop of intensity. You can compensate this with increasing the master gain. You can change the panning of a sound while it’s playing with sound.set_pan()

We also added the possibility to set the playpack speed of a sound. For shorter sounds, this has effect of changing the pitch of the sound.

You can now also add a callback to the function.
This callback will be invoked once the sound is done playing. To distinguish between different sound instances from the same component, the function now also returns an identifier for that particular instance.

Native extensions

We’ve finally moved Google Play Services into a separate extension: extension-gps.

As a result of that extraction, we removed the ad_ident and ad_tracking_enabled from sys.get_sys_info(). To get that info again, you can add dependencies to the projects extension-adinfo and extension-gps


  • #4389 - Added: Added sound panning support
  • #4393 - Added: Added sound speed (pitch) support
  • #4246 - Added: Add math.matrix4_translation(vmath.vector3 | vmath.vector4)
  • #3177 - Added: Sound completed callback (DEF-1549)
  • #4430 - Fixed: Fixed rendering issues for tilemaps
  • #4365 - Fixed: Replaced old SSL library with mbedTLS
  • #4423 - Fixed: Removed Google Play Services and dependent code
  • #4422 - Fixed: Added debug support for Renderdoc on windows/linux
  • #4412 - Fixed: Black screen in html5 if page scaling isn’t 100%
  • #---- - Fixed: IP addresses now always get a MAC address on Win32 too

Detect end of sound (SOLVED)
Audio Pitch (SOLVED)
Live sound manipulation (SOLVED)
Pitch on sounds (DEF-1150)(SOLVED)
Playfab login failed (SOLVED)
PlayFab Defold SDK Error (DEF-3789)(SOLVED)
Problem with PlayFab (SOLVED)
SSL handshake failed (-1) for certain https hosts (DEF-2633) (SOLVED)
Error in a http request (SOLVED)
Excluding Android resources? (SOLVED)
Black screen in html5 if scailing is != 100% (Issue-4390) (SOLVED)
How to detect end of sound? (SOLVED)
Removing Google Play Services jars (DEF-3858) (SOLVED)
Sound callback (text and sound sync) (SOLVED)
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This means we no longer have to select yes with the “attribution from ads” option when submitting iOS apps and can say the unique id is no longer used? IDFA not required if we do not use the adinfo extension?



Exciting! Waiting for the docs update :face_with_monocle:



Updated! You can check.



Yes, that is correct.



I don’t see anything about sound speed/“pitch” in the docs. How is it used?



Huh, that’s weird.
Or perhaps not so weird since we did 3 changes to that same function :slight_smile:

The “speed” parameter is passed into the properties table, just like “pan”.
The default value is 1.0 (original speed). 2.0 means double the speed. 0.5 means half the speed.



just tested, it works. me happy :hamster:



Awesome, that’s exactly what I expected, it works great!

Yeah, I don’t see “speed” in the doc page, just “delay”, “gain”, and “pan”.



irrelevant question; Is it possible to use mbed TLS from native extensions by including headers or adding a flag (or it will be someday)?

It would be super cool if someday we can access to compiled mbed TLS from native extensions. Compiling Openssl for every platform for every native extension is a painful process.



Just to confirm, all issues are gone!



Confirming the issues with tilemap and Playfab handshake are gone now! Great work guys, thank you very much! I’ve recently noted in some post that unlike Unity’s, Defold support and maintenence is great - this is a life proof of that :wink:



It might be.
Can I ask what you use it for in particular?

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For custom websocket client.
Also luasec uses openssl



Changing sound speed and the completion callback are really great improvements! I think if we could also get:

  • Set speed of an actively playing sound - for engine throttle type sounds.
  • Pause and resume a sound.

Then “vanilla” Defold would be just fine for most 2D projects, and we’d only need native extensions for positional sound, effects, and other advanced features.



Good point. We’ve discussed this in the past. @Mathias_Westerdahl?

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Yep, those two, and maybe even a sound cursor that could be animated and manipulated while a sound is playing. I think we have these in the backlog as well but for now we don’t have any plans for additional changes. We have however been discussing ways to involve you guys in certain feature development, even for stuff that is internal to the engine.



Any updates about Spine?



What do you mean specifically?