Nintendo Switch Support? (SOLVED)


I know there’s already a thread asking if Defold will support the NX.

However, King might want to fund the ability for Defold to export to the Nintendo Switch, since it’s turned a lot of heads in the game industry for its interesting approach to gaming.

(After all, Nintendo does have a shop for downloadable games, such as color-based matching puzzle games. Hint hint.)

It’s okay if you guys don’t think it’s a good idea, but the Switch’s interesting design may hold a lot of promise since it accommodates both casual and hardcore gamers.

Let me know what you think!



It’s way too early to make a decision like that. If the console becomes popular and there is a concrete demand to publish games on the Switch, we will definitely look into it.



Wii U supported HTML5 games, good chance Switch will too. The hardware appears to be pretty good, so may be fine for Defold HTML5 runtime. That may be the most practical approach to making Defold games for Switch. It means implementing their HTML5 API for some various things, which I would bet will be possible for us to do. Nintendo has its dev stuff more open now so as soon as they open it up to devs we’ll have a good idea if this is possible, and if it is then it will probably be little worse than native builds.



It’s a nice thought knowing how straightforward this can be. Now it’s only a matter of hoping the Switch does well!

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Nintendo Switch presentation from today starts at 32:53



$300 USD, a 4-hour battery, and barely any games confirmed as launch titles.

Not too sure about it anymore.



Oh no! How on earth are you going to play “color-based matching puzzle games” whilst on the road?



Aw man!!!1!1!1!1!1!



Like the look of the switch (wish lua had switch command) neat idea, except I wouldn’t go out and buy one, cause I’ve already go my wiiu, xbox, ps4, pc, mac, ipad, samsung tablet, phones and my next purchase is VR, wonder if thats how other people feel, just don’t need another game system.

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I guess they’re gonna be targeting the people who gave the wiiU a miss (which is a lot of people: the wii U was really unpopular!).

re @gamedevSITHS’s comments: is 300USD expensive for a console?

The one thing I wonder is if the whole thing is too complicated: multiple controller set-ups, the dock (instead of a simple HDMI cable), and the concept of having a mix of games console AND portable device… I hope it works out well for them because I love nintendo, but I do wonder. I hope the case of the portable part is built like a tank…



Big thing on this console will be Monster Hunter. It will be very, very popular in Japan and probably in the US. That is a console seller on its own because the fans are so dedicated. There will be many who buy it just for the upcoming Monster Hunter games. Other exclusives will sell the console by default too such as Dragon Quest/Warrior games and the next Pokemon that will probably be released in 2018.

300USD is not too expensive. If it was any higher it would be bad though.



Has anyone here had any experience with Nintendo’s developer program?

If so…
How restrictive are they with what you can and can’t do with your game (content restrictions etc.)?
Are there design principles they suggest/enforce?
Can consumer hardware packages typically be used as dev kits, or is it essential to purchase dedicated developer hardware? (I know the Switch isn’t out yet, but just based on 3ds, Wii U etc.)
Is dev support decent?

Curious whether they’re a nice platform to develop for or not.




+1 to adding Nintendo Switch support in defold in near-near future. Nice platform for 2d games with good community and while console is new and there are no so many games for it – nice opportunity to show what you have (I mean games)).
What do you think, defold team?



Adding a new platform is a massive undertaking which means that it will unfortunately not happen in the near future no matter what. I’d love to see console support, but the question is which console to aim for first? PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo? Which console would give the most value to our users?



Ten months later; the Switch is a huge success. Any news on supporting Switch or other console platforms?

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Sorry, no news I’m afraid. A very similar question was asked a couple of weeks ago: Nintendo Switch Support

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No worries, thanks!