Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft Console/Handheld Export?



I used Defold once to make a simple open-source “Flappy Bird” top down vertical racing game:

Game runs 100% on HTML5 desktop/laptop Internet browsers and Android smartphones/tablets.
Is there any chance that a future Defold would support exporting to Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft consoles & handhelds?

I’m currently working with Unity game engine but it’s been difficult to learn and I have not made much progress with it.
I would return to Defold, but only if it supported consoles and handhelds.
Just wondering, thanks!




They are most likely going to need some game wanting to be published on those platforms that is really exceptional before they invest in them all. Resources are limited so it makes sense not to spend them on supporting platforms few would actually make use of. That said it is a chicken and egg problem, some devs refuse to touch engines which do not support the platforms they need and not having console targets may be limiting those willing to invest exceptional amounts of money to build exceptional games.

I’d like for our game Faerie Solitaire Harvest to at least have a home on Nintendo Switch some day! :slight_smile:

If you want to use Defold it should still be about its strengths, and the targets it does support. PC platforms can all be supported well as can mobile platforms.




That is unfortunate…
Guess I am stuck with Unity game engine which is terrible and a hot mess.
Want to see one of our games on consoles finally…


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