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Hello to all, I try to create a strategy management about a newspaper, tv channel and internet site, the game will be the management of them and to guide the reporter what to do about writing the newspaper. I would like to put competition with other companies probably buy them with shares. And I want the events to be on a map. The writing of newspaper will have all the process. Player will gain money from the subscribers to who sell the paper. I want to do it turn base and to be the day divide to 3 working time schedules. The game I create alone and I want to make it for my son who has diabet and autism. Maybe like this can help a bit more my family. Thank you for hear me. I will put some photo.



Cool! In this day and age you can do quite a lot with a game simulating journalism, news, media, advertising and so on. Fake news! Limitations to free speech and independent journalism. Questionable ad campaigns. Government controlled media.


Yes this I have in mind, also I have in mind wire internet news, propaganda, also about cartoons or development team like proofreaders or writers, or photographers and editors. I would love people say more ideas any help is good. Thanks

britzl sorry to ask I found a world map in Wikipedia says reuse but do you know a map somewhere that can be reused not sth fancy. I think to use it for show events on it for reporters to press on and send for missions quest and write. Thanks

There’s a world map here:

Also check Open Game Art.

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ok thanks a lot. I would love to hear the opinion of others and if will like to play such management game. Thanks

I would like to ask your opinion about when change the turn, I want to be 3 time schedules just I am thinking how show to player this change. One I thought was to come a bus like take and goes and bring new reporters to work, and to be more animating. Or to make like screen black of sth else and open and be the new ones on screen and work again to their places, and this screen write loading or sth.

Also I wanted make player if want pass more quickly to pass turns or by day or 3 days or week where sunday is to publish the newspaper.

Ok I would love hear suggestions. Thanks

I like this!

Allowing the player to speed up time is also useful!

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thanks mate for say your opinion is very helpful for me

I made some changes in uibottom of screen so to can saw as idea the residential zones of the city where paperboys will give to subscribers the newspapers. Also I have in a thought the each residential zone to open or by advertisement or through research. And each residential zone to have people that can vary from time to time like city become bigger or opposite. Also I try to implement the events that reporter will write about.

Here a photo of map


Hello dear defolders, I done some changes, create paperboy if you check the photo seems at bottom right corner, and I try to create the events, I put a bar that writes for start five events which infront have a number, this represents how important is this event and that probably will increase the readers of newspaper if written about. Also as number is from 1-6. Which except importance I want to represent the days that needs to be written. So a number 5 event needs 5 days to be written from 1 reporter of level 1, or 1 day of 5 reporter at task of level 1, or 1 day of a reporter of level 5. 2 days of 3 reporter level 2. In your opinion what you suggest about this system. Can you please share any idea? Also 1 day I mean 24 hour. So if reporter has shift from 8.00 to 16.00 even if needs 1 reporter do 1 day event needs 3 shifts = 24 hours. Please share your idea… maybe is better be only shift and not all day can you please say what you believe better?

Down is the photo

Thanks a lot I hope you write to me what you think.


Hello Elpidoforos_Gkikas,
In my opinion your system with reporters and their levels is good and easy to understand. And for the work time, I assume you should stick with the shifts and not the 24 hours mode.

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Hello nEz yes I believe shifts will be more easier for user to understand … Thanks a lot for say your opinion.

Hello I done an idea to change the starting buildings that gives to user, by have to buy them, I done for start for see how is to not have the tv station and to have to buy it with 50000$ for example. Sth I think will make the player to try gain this money. Same I want to do for the building of internet.

see the photo and thanks for everything


Hello dear defolders I make the logo screen, mainmenu and campaign screen where you choose through photo for profile and where you choose campaign from 80s to 90s, or 2000s and 2010s (I want to be more on real events and more historical) or if you want to play sandbox. The player choose his name and profile for the owner and manager of newspaper. I don’t know if I put stats he to choose too. I have still as idea. I put down photos for you to see them.

logo screen

and down 3 screen from campaign

thanks to all I wait for your comments and how you see it


Regering the Defold logo: There is an official Made with Defold logo that your are free to use in your game:

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I assume everything in this thread is still valid?

Because that’s what I was following when I made the credits screen of my current project =P

Ok britzl I will fix it thanks for mention, but the logo is yours without the text, didn’t know had exact with text and I wrote by myself to seem that is defold, sorry for any inconvenience didn’t know … I will make the change asap. Thanks

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I made the change in code and photos in forum is ok now britzl mate? Thanks

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